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The Autonomous Car Project From Google Acquires Fresh Forces

Although Google has open positions in the programming and web design fields on a monthly basis, this time, it appears that the American giant is looking for professionals coming from the automotive world, robotics and sensors. And since the project is kept secret, the requirements makes the candidates clearly understand what kind of properties will the “secret” project have.

The job openings that Google recruits for are asking for knowledge in terms of mechanics, automobiles, NVH (Noise, vibration, and harshness), vehicle safety and other areas of vehicle engineering. Because the machines cannot be built with just technicians, there are also open positions in the area of marketing and real estate, meaning the company is going to open new assembly plants in the future.

The new wave of employment shows that the project is acquiring serious traction towards a concrete form. There is no specific date when it will be ready, or if it will get a form with which we’d be familiar with, but it’s clear that Google wants to become the second biggest player in the market for autonomous cars, after Tesla.

What is not known yet, is how Google will play in this market. So far, the US giant has not proposed the development of a chain of autonomous machinery, instead, it focused on the collaboration with well-known automobiles manufacturers, such as Ford. The competition is now fierce, on one side there are the other automotive manufacturers trying to develop their own systems, and on the other side, there is the Chinese”clone”: Baidu. And since Apple is already working on a similar project in order to compete with Tesla, it seems that the adversity of the two large giants will exit from the world of mobile phones and will penetrate in the automotive world.

My opinion is that, soon, the big auto classics such as General Motors, Ford and the German manufacturers will have to prepare for a storm in the automotive field (rather grayish, with a hundred years of innovation in rear) as they have never seen in their lives.

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