The 8K TV Race is on as Samsung will Launch its First Model Next Month

The 8K TV Race is on as Samsung will Launch its First Model Next Month

At IFA 2018 Samsung has revealed its first commercially available 8K TV. Named Q900R, the device will offer a QLED panel available in four incremental sizes with 65, 75, 82, and 85-inch versions being available. It supports the new HDR10+ which is heavily backed by Amazon and Samsung, and it can reach a peak brightness of 4,000 nits.

The major drawback is the fact that there is no content available at a native resolution of 8K yet, meaning that Samsung must rely on upscaling in order to deliver content for now. A dedicated processor uses artificial intelligence in order to enhance the images to a level compatible with 8, and the original source can come in any quality and format.

The name of the device will vary depending on the target region. In the US, only the 85-inch version will be available (at least for now), which is named Q900FN and is estimated to launch in October.

Samsung 8K

When compared to a standard 4K TV side-by-side, the images are not as impressive. The key that will make it popular for early adopters is its ability to upscale 720p and 1080p content in order to make it look better. Samsung has invested heavily in AI and machine-learning in order to create the impressive device. The Quantum Processor is able to instantly enhance the images as it can add details, round sharp edges, and reduce jagged lines and image noise usually found in lower resolution content.

The process improves over the time, as it becomes familiar with the content that you play. Adaptive Ai is able to smartly control the buffer speed in order to avoid frame lags, and it analyses frames in real time in order to gauge and maintain proper brightness levels.

Another interesting feature is the fact that it can adapt the settings instantly, based on your connected devices and what you are doing.

While it looks incredible, the price is sure to be on par with its capabilities.

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