The 10 Best iOS Tricks for iPhone Owners

The 10 Best iOS Tricks for iPhone Owners

There are a lot of cool things that your iPhone can do. Here are the 10 best iOS tricks every iPhone owner needs to know.

  1. Take pictures with the volume buttons

One of the best features that iPhones have always had is the camera, which is always making use of the latest tech available. If you’re finding it hard to take a steady picture by pressing the on-screen button, there is a simpler way: press your iPhone’s volume buttons.

  1. Take screenshots

A good screenshot can come in handy for many reasons. In order to take one with your beloved iPhone, simply press the Home and the Sleep/Wake buttons simultaneously. The screen will then flash while a camera snap sound plays. And that’s it; your screenshot is saved in the Screenshots album on your Photos app.

  1. Write with Caps Lock

Unfortunately, iPhones don’t come with handy Caps Lock buttons like computers do, so there’s apparently no quick way to type out an all-caps message to express delight or anger. But wait, there is! Just double tap your keyboard’s Shift key.

  1. Type in special characters (accent marks, etc.)

While English is a language free from special characters in its writing, it’s one of the few of this kind. If you want to type in a word that has an accent mark, or any other type of special characteristic, simply hold the letter key to which it corresponds and a few options will pop up on screen. If you can’t find your desired letter there, you might need to switch to that particular language’s keyboard.

  1. Shake to undo something

The ‘undo’ option has come in handy to anyone at a certain point, let’s be real here. Did you know that iPhones have a special Undo trick? Just shake your phone to undo something you typed out wrong or decided against.

  1. Shortcut to Drafts folder

Unsent or unfinished emails get saved as drafts real easy on iOS. However, it’s a really long process trying to get into that folder in order to revisit an old draft. Well, it’s not that long, but it’s long enough that many people choose to use a shortcut for it. The shortcut is this: simply hold down the ‘compose’ icon and your Drafts folder will open.

  1. Create events straight from an e-mail

Your iPhone’s email app has a very unique feature on hand: the ability to detect dates or other event-related information. Therefore, if you receive an email concerning an important event, there will be an option to set that even into your iPhone’s Calendar straight from the email.

  1. Silence a call

Sometimes you just want to delay having to answer a phone call, and a good way to do this is to silence it so that your ringtone won’t annoy you. Simply press the Sleep/Wake button while the call is incoming, and the call will be silenced.

  1. Fix any freeze or glitch

Most of the times, freezes or glitches on our phones fix themselves if you just let your phone breathe for a few seconds. But what happens if the freeze is so major that it looks permanent? Well, no need to run out a buy a new iPhone, because you can just hard reset your current one. Press the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons at the same time as you would when taking a screenshot, but this time hold them down until the phone shuts down.

  1. Put website shortcuts on the home screen

If there are some websites you visit more often than others, you can add shortcuts to them on your home screen. How? Well, just tap the Action button in Safari and the press Add to Home Screen.



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