Telegram Alpha Received Voice Calling Feature and New Improvements

Telegram Alpha Received Voice Calling Feature and New Improvements

Telegram is a free cloud-based instant messaging service and there are clients on both mobile and desktop platforms. Well, today we will talk about the latest alpha build of Telegram that has been released for desktop platforms.

It seems that this particular build has come with a new feature, which allows users to make voice calls. We remind you that the calling functionality has already been available for Telegram on iOS and Android for a while, but the Windows Phone users can’t use it yet.

Well, it seems that the developers have decided to bring the Voice Calling feature to the desktop version of the application and it can now be used on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

We can clearly say now that Telegram can be considered a proper rival for Microsoft’s Skypeapp. However, we can’t say that WhatsApp can be a truly rival for Skype yet, as this application currently doesn’t have a desktop version of WhatsApp yet (WhatsApp Web is just a browser feature that will still require your smartphone to be connected to the internet in order to function).

We have to mention that the first version of Telegram was released for mobile devices, while Skype was available for desktop computers. Well, it seems that the developers have found a way to bring their applications to desktop computers, respectively to the mobile devices.

However, we have to say that when it comes to voice call quality, Skype is still better than Telegram. At the same time, Skype comes with group calls and video call supports, two features that are not currently available on Telegram.

However, since Telegram is evolving at a fast pace, we can clearly say that it will not take very long until this application will offer the same services as Skype.

Are you using Telegram on your computer or mobile device? Tell us your thoughts about this application!



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