TEENA: The New Appearance Of Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung has scheduled Galaxy Note 9’s launch on the market on 9th of August in New York.

Design and features

The design of the phone will not really be changed. To avoid any smudges on the camera lens, Samsung will place the fingerprint reader just below the camera setup.

The number of crunching for the EMEA markets will be taken care of by Exynos 9810 Octa and the Snapdragon 845, as usual, is the US and China’s duty. Even though it is safe to say that Note 9 will have a standard 256/128/64 internal storage, rumors are spreading about the possibility of a 512GB one along with 6GB of RAM.

The S Pen button, according to the press, might have an expended stylus functionality. The Note series was not improved lately, but Note fans will like some new S Pen features.

The Korean Company did not state anything concrete about Galaxy Note 9’s release, but it might take place in New York on the 9th of August because TENAA approved its SM-N9600 model.

Some sources are only confirming that the OS will be Android and it is such a trivial detail. According to FCC, the S Pen will have Bluetooth support and leaked press has given a suggestion that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be little to no different from the previous model, Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Detailed information

If you want more details, there you have it. It is said that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be slightly heavier than Samsung Galaxy Note 8 due to its 4,000 mAh battery capacity awaited by most of us. This battery will be able to offer you 23 to 25 hours of video playback at maximum brightness and one to two days of normal usage. It can’t become more impressive than this.

Galaxy Note 9 users will also benefit from an Infinity Display along with a 6.4” panel and an 18.5:9 ratio. Exynos 9820 chipset will be used in global units while China and US will stick to Snapdragon 845.

Another rumor regarding Galaxy Note 9 was included in a user of a tech forum which says:

“Release is scheduled for December 2018, or first quarter of 2019. Business class customers, gamers, heavy media consumers, techies, tinkerers, entrepreneurs, and the like are all about to get what they have been desperately wishing for in a device.”

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