Technologies That Enrich Your Skype for Business Experience

Technologies That Enrich Your Skype for Business Experience

If you use Skype for Business, you’re probably already familiar with its features and aware of the benefits it can give to you and your employees. Aside from its instant messaging, VoIP, and video conferencing functionalities, it also allows you to schedule meetings within Outlook, start and continue conversations even when you’re in other Office apps, and know which people are working on the same document. It also protects your conversations by encrypting and authenticating them and ensuring they take place within the Microsoft Lync Server.

All of these are usually enough for many businesses. But, if you need more tools and features, you’ll find that there are many other technologies that you can use to increase the functionality of Skype for Business. Here are some of them:


Developed by Workstreampeople, Anywhere365 is a great contact center and enterprise dialogue management platform for entrepreneurs who use Skype for Business as their main communications tool. Anywhere365 fully integrates with Skype for Business and helps you and employees improve your customer service. For one thing, it provides a simple, visually oriented interface that makes it easier for agents to navigate through various options. It also pulls up previous call data as well as CRM information, so agents have all the details they need to help customers with their issues. Anywhere365 uses data mining methods and real-time reporting to help you better manage call volumes and identify dialogue patterns.


Premiere Global Services, Inc, better known as PGi, provides collaboration software and solutions to enterprises. Some of their latest offerings are centered around entrepreneurs who use Skype for Business. These offerings include impressive call quality around the world, personalized Outlook meeting invitations that help promote a consistent brand image, and an app that allows your employees to easily make or join conference calls with just one click. PGi was due to launch these solutions at the UC EXPO, which was held in May 17 to 18 in London.

Volvo 90 series

Ready to replace your old car with a new one? You’ll want to invest in one of the newest Volvo cars that belong to the 90 series, which include Volvo S90, Volvo XC90, and Volvo V90. All of these vehicles have Skype for Business incorporated into their dashboard’s infotainment system, allowing you to make and accept voice calls and video conferences and access your meeting schedules while you’re behind the wheel. The dashboard will even allow you to send a full recording of the call from your car to your device, so you can review the call later when you’re off the road. With this integration, you no longer have to remember codes for conference calls or fumble with your phone while you’re driving.

Soon to be launched: video bots

They’re not available yet but, in the future, you might be able to incorporate bots into your Skype for Business chats. These bots can act as your virtual secretary and take messages from your clients and customers, and they can be used as digital interviewers to conduct mock interviews with job applicants.



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