TCL’s latest double folding prototype is like nothing you’ve ever seen before

TCL Foldable Phone

Chinese electronics company TCL is known for having brought some incredible smartphones in the last few years, including the TCL 562 that came out in 2016, and TCL Plex that was announced last month. While the company isn’t primarily into making smartphones, it’s been reported that they now intend to step into the Smartphone industry for a strong foothold. And now, yet another TCL phone has just hit the internet and it has received rave reviews so far. What’s even more interesting is that the said phone doesn’t even have a name, a price tag, or a release date yet. Apparently, it’s still a prototype. But what makes it worth all the hype?

TCL Foldable Phone

With Huawei’s Mate X and Samsung’s Galaxy Fold receiving great response worldwide, it’s clear that foldable smartphones are going to be the next big thing. Quite a few other brands have stepped into the arena, including Motorola which is planning to bring the classic Moto Razr folding phone back in a foldable smartphone version, and Microsoft, which announced the Surface Pro Duo. But nothing that you’ve seen yet will prepare you for the latest addition from TCL. As mentioned above, the phone is still a prototype – one that folds into three parts across two hinges and spreads out to become an astonishing 10-inch tablet. As the phone lacks a name yet, it’s being called the TCL Trifold or TCL Zigzag on the internet given its shape.

The beauty of the phone is in its folding modes. The ‘DragonHinge’ folds it inwards like a book, whereas the ‘Butterfly’ Hinge folds in the opposite direction. As seen in the image above, the two oppositely folding hinges give the phone a zigzag sort of shape. Obviously, the phone works differently in various positions. Open up both hinges, and you’ve got a huge tablet. Fold one panel under and a portion of the screen turns into a touch-screen keyboard while the remaining part becomes the display. Fold in both hinges, and you’ve got yourself a really chunky triple-layered smartphone.

TCL trifold specs

Since the phone is in its prototype phase, not a lot is known when it comes to specs. Moreover, the specs could even change further depending on the prototype’s performance. So far, this is all we know about the phone when it comes to specs – It’s got a 10-inch screen the folds two ways, 4 rear cameras, one selfie camera, a type-C charging port, and no 3.5mm earphone jack. There’s no info on the processor, RAM, Android Version or even the camera sensors.

While the phone does look incredibly beautiful and futuristic, the biggest nightmare for any foldable phone is physical durability. Keep in mind that even Samsung had to retrieve its Galaxy Fold from the market earlier this year after the display failed miserably, and it took months to come back with a sturdier version. Whether the TLC Trifold will be able to keep up with the physical stress that smartphones go through with its plastic cover is still arguable.

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