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Tableau software is changing the corporate world.

Tableau software is changing the corporate world. 1


Tableau is a company that creates innovative software. These software include Tableau desktop, server, and mobile apps. Tableau software is geared to solving problems with a large bulk of data. It helps you to manipulate and monitor your data efficiently. Tableau software does not only accommodate organization and businesses but ordinary people. Users of the software are able to analyze large data fast and efficiently. It is flexible, organized, professional and very user-friendly. The mobile app gives users the ability to access their information without restrictions. You can access it at anytime and anywhere.  Aside from interactive and visually stimulating, the mobile app is easy to carry around.

Tableau mobile app requires a Tableau online or Tableau server account, however, you can also view a snapshot of your dashboard offline. The mobile app will operate on both Android and iOS operating system. The downloading of the app among iPhone users steadily increases April 14-20, 2016. The prospects for more users seem to be promising.  For Android users, the operating system has to be 3.2 and above.



The Tableau Server and the Tableau Android app work together. A user will have to access the Tableau server in order to access the Tableau Android App.

The Tableau Mobile App allows you to:

• Scroll, view and analyses your data.
• Investigate relationships and trends for your business.
• Provide a graphical representation of the data.
• Use it at your convenience.
• Customize and manipulate data using your fingertips.
• Secure and manage information.

The app is not limited to mobile but on other devices and gadgets such as desktops and tablets. Users can create interactive reports and dashboards in  Tableau Desktop.


You can download the Tableau mobile app on apple store or google play. The mobile app is free of cost. For more information on the mobile app, you can visit

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