T-Mobile Insurance Bundle to Cover Newly Purchased Smartphones

Written by BLORGE

T-Mobile Insurance Bundle to Cover Newly Purchased Smartphones

Insurance can now be used to protect expensive smartphones when the unexpected occurs. This is particularly useful when leasing or paying them off from the dealership. So, you can now receive a replacement phone within 24 hours or less when something happens to your newly leased or purchased iPhone, Galaxy Note, or Motorola Droid.

The advancement of technology nowadays has become so inevitable. Understandably, people would want to improve their lives by integrating this technology into their daily activities and to make life easier.

Smartphones, for instance, have become a necessity for a lot of people. In fact, some of them have chosen to buy the most high-end units available in order to take advantage of new technologies. Affluent individuals even buy the most recent release of famous smartphones, such as the iPhone with prices starting from US$999.

With this development, it is imperative that people should take good care of their expensive devices. So, some of them would utilize protective cases in order to avoid breaking or scratching their smartphones. It would be a shame if something would happen to your priced possession like your very expensive smartphone.

The proliferation of malware, identity theft, device theft, bugs, phishing, and breakdowns, among others has become the main reason why you should have more security for your smartphones.

Good thing T-Mobile has offered a new service for their faithful patrons. This is the one they call the Premium Device Protection Plus from T-Mobile or the PDP Plus. This bundle provides lots of security as well as support-based services for a monthly fee.

Here is a list of services offered by T-Mobile for its monthly service.

  1. Identity Theft Protection Tools

This security feature has some dedicated agents to provide services such as Lost Wallet and ID restoration, which is backed by insurance worth US$1 million to qualifying recovery expenses. It also offers Data Protection versus online threats and viruses, as well as privacy protection that would cover 10 compatible devices. It also includes anti-theft features and password manager.

  1. Device Protection

The feature offers coverage for hardware service or accidental damage, including lost or stolen devices or any mechanical breakdowns.

  1. AppleCare Services

This applies to financed or purchased iPad or iPhone by giving 24/7 priority access the technical support of AppleCare. It also offers repairs or replacement that is Apple certified. Moreover, it provides hardware service with genuine parts, including software support for iCloud, iOS, and iOS apps.

  1. Tech Personal Help Desk

The Tech PHD offers VIP-level access to personal technical or diagnostic support through online chat, self-service resources, or phone that would connect to your T-Mobile tablets, phones, and Hotspots, such as TVs, routers, printers, or game consoles.

All these features will be available for T-Mobile customers who are looking to buy a new line of service or new phone. You can even get an upgrade to JUMP, the upgrading program that comes with the PDP Plus with a supported smartphone. Otherwise, you can get any new T-Mobile phone provided it was purchased in the last 60 days.



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