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Surface Pro vs. iPad Pro – A Quick Look-around

In 2015, Apple has revealed and released the iPad Pro as what it seemed to be a direct competitor of Microsoft’s Surface Pro table. Maybe Apple wanted to prove they can also release a tablet that can be a laptop at the same time.

iPad Pro tablets are made in such a way that they are compatible only with the Apple’s  own Smart Keyboard and Pencil just like Microsoft’s two-in-one Pro tablets. I will show you two of the main differences between the two products the will help you decide what you want from such an advanced device.

Accessories: pens and keyboards

Apple’s Smart Keyboard designed for the iPad Pro costs $159, while the basic Type Cove from Microsoft costs $129 and the fancier one that comes in more colors and is covered with Alcantara fabric costs $169. The two of them offer the same typing experience, the only plus being that the Surface Pro type cover offers a trackpad.

Microsoft offers to sell a $99 Surface Pen that works with a single AAA battery that lasts for a year, while Apple comes with a Pencil that also costs $99, but feels a little better when used and charges via a Lighting connector

The OS is the most important future

The Surface Pro comes with Windows 10 out of the box, which allows you to run Flash and Java, as well as the whole spectrum of Win32 software, while iPad Pro comes with iOS that limits you to run just what Apple’s Store can offer.

Let’s not forget that Apple’s Store big plus is that all the programs available there must be approved by Apple, which makes it impossible to get malware or viruses on your tablet. Microsoft is now attempting to do the same thing on the Surface Tablet Pro, but still, has a long way to go.

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