Surface Pro 7: News, Rumors, Specs, Price and Release date 

Surface Pro 7: News, Rumors, Specs, Price and Release date 

The release of Surface Pro 6 and Surface Go has made the fans more enthusiastic as they anticipate the release of Surface Pro 7. With the assimilation of rumors related to the projections, patents, and the additions, you have to dive to find out more about the latest buzz surrounding the release. Although the pioneering design of Surface Pro has stayed more or less the same over the last seven years and has already started ageing, here is presenting what we know about the next big release from Microsoft.

Surface Pro 7 release date

Typically, Microsoft believes in releasing their new hardware during the fall, so we can expect the release of Surface Pro 7 to come somewhere around October 2019. The recent announcement of the release came about in an event held on October 2, but the Surface Go was announced on July much ahead of its August release. With all this in consideration, Microsoft can follow the same time frame for the announcement of Surface Pro 7 although a release in 2020 cannot be ruled out as well. While peeping into the past record of the company, you will find that there was a gap of two years between the release of Surface Pro 4 in October 2015 and Surface Pro in June 2017. It seems that the latest laptop tablet Surface Pro 7 is not going to get a release date before October 2019 when you observe the trend of the last few years. With the pattern of a new release from Microsoft remaining consistent for the last few years, we are not likely to see the release soon.

Surface Pro 7 price

As far as the pricing of Surface Pro 7 is concerned, the features such as 128 GB storage, Intel Core i5 processor, and 8 GB of RAM make the present retail $900 although it does not include the Surface Pen and the keyboard. It would be nice enough for the company to include both these features in the next Surface to reduce the price, but that seems unlikely. As the price of the laptop and the other devices with Windows 10 is usually based on the internal components, the starting configurations are nowhere going to be less than the price bracket we have already mentioned.

Surface Pro 7 price

Improvement in the design and keyboard

With a majority of improvements in Surface Pro 7 centred on offering a thinner, bigger, and faster experience to the customers, the kickstand experience is going to be unique. Although the customers are happy with the present set up, the kickstand functioning as a stand and a cover is certainly going to boost the device from Microsoft and make it more worthy, resistant, good to feel, and equipped with the ability to handle pressure with ease. According to a patent published way back in February, it shows a friction hinge with clutch-based resistance, which is a small detail to be visible to the naked eye. However, we can feel the pressure of the kickstand hinge when moving it up or down as the force needed would be lighter or heavier based on how the kickstand is shifted.

Patents of Microsoft

Microsoft has patented several relevant technologies that are likely to be seen in Surface Pro 7 and this one happens to be for a redesigned and thinner type cover and based on this we can get an opinion on the slimmer bezels and a lighter profile. Furthermore, we can expect a reduced footprint, thanks to the directly etched surface board into the touch-pad of the keyboard. The hint is also towards an overall reduction of the height of next Surface, and this is certainly the next big change to expect from Microsoft. Over the past few generations of Surface Pro, you will find the large size of the trackpad and the inclusion of the new Alcantara material for a better finish and feel.

According to another patent, it also supports the claim that Surface Pro 7 may have a reflective touch display, meaning you can write on both sides of this tablet laptop from Microsoft. While it may not be exactly the folding PC that you may have been thinking of all this time, the patent suggests that you may be able to make the best use of the space that is going to be offered in the next Surface including the use of rear display as a primary LED, LCD, and OLED screen when it stays closed.

Another rumor states the presence of a reflective screen at the back, which is about half size smaller than the main screen. The screen located at the back portion of the two-in-one mode is made from metal and shows a reflected version of the screen at the front. With the implementation of this technology, it is going to become possible for the users to interact with the surface of the screen without flipping or lifting the cover for accomplishing small tasks such as clicking the links when you are engaged in other writing tasks. Certainly, if the rumors about the reflective screen are to be believed, it could possibly be the game changer.

Finally, Microsoft can consider the positive signals from iPad Pro of Apple and decide to make the side bezels slim in Surface Pro 7. Although the thick bezels are often considered as one of the most obvious reasons for the comfort in the tablet mode, it can destroy the aesthetic aspects if you go by the standards of 2019. Some of the big names in the world of laptop have already proved how the borderless screen can be used effortlessly. If Microsoft decides to follow suit, the two-in-one screen will offer more space on the screen with little blank space.

Changes in the body

Another big enhancement that the users can expect in of Surface Pro 7 is a lighter body with a thinner keyboard when compared with Surface Pro 6. According to one of the sources, there is clear confirmation that Microsoft has acquired a patent to use the circuit-board integrated touch-pad although it is yet to apply to the other versions of Surface. As the board is etched with the touch-pad, it indicates that the body of Surface Pro 7 is going to become lighter and thinner along with the keyboard.

Surface Pro 7 news

USB-C or not

A majority of the Windows 10 tablets and laptops come with USB-C Thunderbolt 3 ports along with USB-A. However, Surface Pro is different in this regard as the two-in-one format strictly restricts this option for Surface Go, which is the smaller version of the Surface Pro. Microsoft has preferred to stay resistant to this technology as a result of which some of the powerful devices of this company has omitted the option of these ports such as in Surface Pro 6 and Surface Laptop 2.

Surface Pro 7 USB-C

Can we hope that Surface Pro 7 is going to deviate from this path and add one or more USB-C ports? According to a patent from Microsoft originally filed in May 2018, it shows that the software giant may consider using a special magnetic USB-C cable for charging. One of the benefits of this magnetic cable is that it is going to stay secure without damaging the device even if someone steps on the cable accidentally and force it out of the place. The patent is titled “Magnetically activated latch mechanism” and shows clearly how the magnets are placed on both ends of the USB-C connection, thereby making it possible for the connector to latch in a disengaged or engaged state. Not only will this improve the quality of connection, but also provide fast charging and data transfer.

Surface Pro 7 processor

The Surface Pro 6 dived into quad-core processors in 2018, but not with the latest Whiskey Lake CPU from Intel. While moving into the futuristic mode, it would be a great addition for Surface Pro 7 to be powered by a processor that is more efficient. Although, it may be nothing more than a wild guess, the new Ice Lake CPU from Intel, which is performed as well as battery-oriented can make Surface Pro 7 a great hit. Even though Intel is yet to provide a hint about the release of these new processors and is probably going to target the holiday of 2019, which is nowhere the release of Surface Pro 7, it is good enough to dream. Microsoft prefers to use the older generation processors such as the Surface Studio 2 including the 7th generation processor.

New and updated Surface Pen

Even the Surface Pen does not lag behind when it comes to considering the patents awarded to Microsoft in February 2019. According to the patent, there is a u-shaped clip that may act as a scroll wheel of the mouse. When the clip figure intends to respond to the touch, the user has the ability to go page up or down or zoom out or zoom in as the finger makes its way to the surface of the clip. The clip is located right below the eraser and creates an impression of a pen holder. According to another information about the S Pen of Surface Pro 7, the conduction level of the clip varied from top to bottom, thereby, providing the attached sensor with the impression of changing current based on the movement of the finger.

Although not added with the price of the tablet-laptop Surface Pro 7 and sold separately, the Surface Pen is going to be updated when it comes to scribbling accuracy and writing thanks to the patent titled “active stylus motion vector”. According to the latest from the Windows, the improvement in accuracy can be achieved due to the utilization of the motion vectors exactly where the stylus is projected and is slightly different based on the movements made.

The final word

As the Surface Pro 6 and the Surface 2 are in the brigade of 16 GB configuration, we can hope to get a similar configuration in Surface Pro 7 as well, which also justifies the inclusion of the new processors from Intel making it a very speedy experience for the newcomers and those who decide to upgrade. According to different sources, the Surface Pro 7 is going to be more expensive than Surface Pro 6 without considering the additives such as the slim keyboard and the updated Surface Pen, so you can go for this new tablet laptop if you want to get the best and the latest hardware from Microsoft.

While making its way to one of the most technically-advanced devices, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7 is the most anticipated tablet laptop to arrive in 2019. It can be easily used as a notebook or tablet with a keyboard designed to meet your demands. Moreover, it is easy and handy enough to be carried everywhere whether you are going for an office meeting or planning a world tour with your friends.



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