Surface Pro 5 vs iPad Pro 2: Comparing the Hottest, Soon-to-Be Released Devices

Several tech experts believe that comparing the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 with the Apple iPad Pro 2 is unfair and misleading. This is understandable since the two devices run on completely different operating systems and have different app environments. They also target different demographics: the Surface Pro 5 is aimed at professionals and serious gamers, while the iPad Pro 2 is designed for people who need to stay productive while on the go. They even belong to separate categories since the Surface Pro 5 is a 2-in-1 hybrid device, while the iPad Pro 2 is a tablet that can be paired with a powerful keyboard.

Despite their differences, though, people can’t help but compare these two devices. This isn’t really surprising since they both come from tech powerhouses and are much-awaited successors to devices that are more than a year old. The only problem is this: comparing them can be difficult since both Microsoft and Apple have not released details about their upcoming gadgets. If we do compare them, we’ll have to get by with reports from various sources.

Release Date

No one really knows when the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and the Apple iPad Pro 2 would be released. Everyone was expecting Microsoft to launch the Surface Pro 5 during its #MicrosoftEDU event on May 2 in New York City, but the Redmond-based tech giant unveiled its Surface Laptop instead. The iPad Pro 2, on the other hand, will reportedly be released during the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, although Apple has not confirmed this.


The iPad Pro 2 is expected to run on the A10X processor, which is Apple’s latest chip and will reportedly be faster and more powerful than previous chips like the A10 Fusion. The Surface Pro 5, on the other hand, is expected to have Intel Kaby Lake processors, which have higher speeds than the old Skylake chips. It’s even rumored that Microsoft will build the Surface Pro 5 with Intel Cannonlake chips, which will be based on the highly advanced 10 nm architecture and will be more powerful while consuming less energy. However, this theory doesn’t seem to be so plausible since Cannonlake will arrive in the middle of 2017, and Microsoft most likely won’t be able to wait for it.

Apple will reportedly bring several changes to the iPad Pro 2. Aside from its more powerful processor, it’s rumored to have a bezel-less design, which means the Home button functionality would be integrated into the screen itself. It might also get wireless charging as well as a dual-camera setup, which has become popular among modern smart gadgets.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5, on the other hand, is expected to have a 4K screen. However, tech experts think that this will be offered as an option instead of being the standard configuration of the device, considering that 4K displays eat up a lot of battery life. It might also get an improved Surface Pen as well as USB Type-C ports, which will certainly delight a lot of users.


The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is expected to have a price tag of $999. The Apple iPad Pro 2, on the other hand, will reportedly start at $799 for the basic configuration and reach $1,229 for its 256 GB model with Wi-Fi and cellular capability.

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