Surface Pro 5 still has unknown Release Date, but iPad Pro to be released in June

According to information on the company’s previous quarter, the 2-in-1 Surface has declined in sales by 21%. This could be due to the fact that ever since the company has released the Surface 3 and Surface Pro 4, there hasn’t been any other product to refresh the consumer’s interest.

Not to mention the fact that the 2-in-1 tablets are increasingly being provided by many more companies and the competition for who has the better one is still a tight one. Furthermore, Microsoft has not yet confirmed the release date for their new device, but their direct competitor, Apple, is giving no quarter. Faced with their own slight declines in sales for the iPad, Apple is going to be releasing their 10.5-inch iPad Pro in June.

There has been a screenshot leaked of the inventory for the iPad Pro cases that will be provided by Urban Armor Gear. In this image information is provided as to the possible launch of the iPad Pro. The date suggest is that of Jun 2017, and we can also see several color schemes, Magma/Silver, Black/Silver, and a Cobalt/Silver scheme.

Even though these cases will be available for purchase in June, Apple is not selling any other tablet of this size. Should this screenshot prove to be a real one, then we will most likely see the 10.5-inch iPad Pro tablet in the month of June.

Previously, in 2016 there has been information that Apple is working on developing a new 10.5-inch tablet which will have the Apple A10X chipset integrated in it. It was also believed that it will come with the bezels that can only be described as super-slim, especially when compared to other tablet products made by Apple.

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