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Surface Pro 5 Hybrid Laptop – Latest Specifications, Price and Rumors

The Surface Pro 5 is Microsoft’s latest hybrid device that seems to be taking the industry by storm. It gets increasingly more discussed and popular on media platforms and the anticipation is larger than ever. Its predecessor, the Surface Pro 4, has been the supreme as far as PC tablets were concerned but it would seem that the Surface Pro 5 isn’t having such an easy race for the top.

Microsoft has been having quite a bit of challenge from its competitors who’ve been developing ways to compete on the market. There have been tablets which boasted better design choices, cheaper prices or keyboards that came shipped directly with the tablet itself. In contrast, Microsoft is selling the keyboard for the Surface Pro 4 separately.

Some sources have reported that the new Surface Pro 5 will not be the masterpiece that fans are hoping for. It has been suggested that the hybrid device will only be a slight specification boost from its predecessor, and no new cutting edge feature will be introduced. A reliable source in Microsoft news, Paul Thurrott, has posted a tweet stating that this new device will have no new dramatic changes associated with it and that it might as well be dubbed ‘’Surface Pro 4.5’’.

It will interesting to see if Microsoft will make some changes as far as their packaging policies are concerned. They did face a bit of negative input from fans who claimed that releasing the Surface Pro 4 without the necessary accessories was, at the very least, an annoying marketing choice. Microsoft’s competitors have seen fit to provide both the stylus and the keyboard in their tablet releases. There have also been some speculations that the Surface Dial might come bundled with the Surface Pro 5, but there hasn’t been any official confirmation for this.

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