Surface Pro 5 Features and Detailed Leaks

From what we saw until now, Microsoft is not rushing anywhere to release their next product in the Surface series, the Surface Pro 5, even though fans are going crazy with the expectations. If we were to have a look at the most recent profit reports of the tech giant, we could draw the conclusion that it’s high time for them to release a new product on the market. Even more so, taking into account the rumors about the next release, it seems that the Surface Pro 5 will bring back Microsoft into business.

Is Microsoft Having Financial Issues?

Though financial issues is a little too much to be said, the most recent fiscal results that were published for the tech giant are not as good as they would have expected it to be. Microsoft confirmed that their revenue from the Surface series decreased by 26%, if you compare it to the numbers in the same period last year.

Surface Pro 5 Rumored Specs

Naturally, there are lots of rumors about the future product. Paul Thurrott, the famous tech journalist, recently said that the hybrid will rely on the latest processor from Intel, namely the Kaby Lake ones. This has been rumored for more than a year now, and Microsoft usually uses the latest releases for their hybrid devices.

Besides, it seems that the Surface product will come together with a new accessory, which is speculated to be a portable option for the Surface Dial. This means that the hybrid becomes much more useful when it comes to creating graphical content. At the same time, rumor has it that it will also bring a better version of the popular Surface Pen. Surface Pen 2 has been discussed quite often in the recent months, and it makes sense to be included in the upcoming device.

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