Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Laptop: improvements, specs and pricing

Surface Laptop

The new Surface Laptop developed by Microsoft is going to be tasked to take on Apple’s MacBook Air in the competition for the best student-education orientated laptop device. Its stylish design aims to make a breach in the market between the Surface Bok and the Surface Pro 4. This will be Microsoft’s attempt to make a laptop that is aimed to the more casual consumer market.

The Surface Laptop has a price range from $999 to $2,199 in 4 different configurations, as far as processors, storage and RAM are concerned. While not cheap, it still aims to be an entry-level laptop that can cater to both the needs of students and regular consumers, despite the cheaper model potentially struggling with newer software.

An interesting decision on the part of Microsoft is to ship the Surface Laptop with the Windows 10 S operating system, which is specifically designed for education and the institutions affiliated with it. It is somewhat restricted in terms of what you can use on it, being only able to run Bing as a search engine, and Edge as the browser.  On top of this, you will only be able to run software and applications that can be purchased from the official Windows Store.

Surface Pro 4

Surface Pro 4 is a bit more uncomplicated to use, but it does come with a design choice which may or may not be attractive to buyers. Namely the Type Cover keyboard. This is a keyboard that is sold separate and is physically separate from the Surface Pro 4. There are a few models which are sold separate and the most expensive is priced at $160. This is not a necessary feature, as you can use the Surface Pro 4 without it, but it will make navigating the device a lot easier.

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