Surface Pro 2017 vs. iPad Pro – Productivity and Office Comparison

Surface Pro 2017 vs. iPad Pro – Productivity and Office Comparison

We have recently seen the two high-end tablets of the year, and it seems that all bets are going on the fight between the latest Surface Pro device and the new iPad Pros series, especially since that latter will be receiving the iOS 11 system towards the end of this year. Needless to say, the competition is a strong one, but which one is actually better? And when it comes to productivity, which one should you choose?

What Does Productivity Mean?

Before jumping to analyze the level of productivity you can achieve with each tablet, it is advisable to define the concept first. Naturally, depending on the field you’re working in, productivity may mean a different thing to you than to other people. For this reason, we should divide the specs according to the programs used.

Office Suites

When it comes to computer productivity, one of the most popular use is creating and editing documents. Office suites and PIM (personal information management) are the most valued in connection to this. Even though Microsoft Office is still the most widely used, there are other options as well. Both tablets win here, though the iPad Pro with the iOS 11 might be more mobile.

Graphics and Art

Both products are actually creative tools, especially for people who rely on a stylus to create art. The iPad Pros step up the game with their 120 Hz ProMotion screens, but the Surface Pro doesn’t lag behind and it comes up with an N-Trig based pen. iPads also offer the Affinity Photo and Procreate apps, as well as other useful software for this domain.

Of course, there are also other domains to be taken into account, depending on the field you’re working on. But either way, no tablet is to be neglected when considering what to buy.

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