Surface Book and Surface Laptop: What each device showcases

While initially you might think that both of these high-end products are similar, you’d be wrong to put them in the same category as they have significant differences when compared to each other. Regardless of your preferences, there are some things which are inherent to both laptops that might determine which you will want to choose.

For example, the Surface Laptop hasn’t been officially released yet, but you can preorder it until it’s release date of the 15th of June. But information regarding it is available to make it easier to decide regarding it.

Surface Laptop

To start with, the Surface Laptop will be released with the new Windodws 10 S, an operating system which is designed to appeal for the educational segment of the market and comes with a few design choices which may or may not appeal to you. Despite this, it can still be a worthwhile work-based laptop. For example, your only search engine is Bing, and Edge the only browser you can use. Also, you can only use software that has been purchased from the Windows Store. This can be an issue if you wish a highly flexible and customizable laptop but if you specifically want it for work or for school then it should do its job very well. At the end of it, neither of the two laptops is cheap. But the Surface Laptop will provide some options which are more affordable than others, it also provides a good alternative when compared to its Apple competitor.

Surface Book

The Surface Book comes with a radical design choice in the form of the Dynamic Fulcrum hinge that doesn’t permit the laptop to fold to a flat state. This might make the Book look and feel clunky and robust. However, the Surface Book is modular and can be separated to become a tablet, characteristic of the 2-1 design. And it comes with a Surface Pen included in the package.

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