Live Broadcast Of The Apple Special Event From March 21, 2016

Live Broadcast Of The Apple Special Event From March 21, 2016

Technobezz is broadcasting the event in TEXT format!

iPhone SE has a design similar to iPhone 5S, the housing being made of aluminum. The smartphone was released without an important feature found on the iPhone 6S, the 3D Touch. The technology, which debuted on Apple Watch, measure the pressure applied on the phone’s display so that users can activate new functions within the operating system and applications.

The new iPhone has a screen resolution of 1,136 x 640 pixels (326 ppi), an Apple A9 processor and (probably) 2 GB RAM. The internal storage capacity is 16 or 64 GB. The camera on the new smartphone is the same 12 MP camera found on the iPhone 6s, capable of filming at 4K quality. The selfie camera is only 1.2 MP.

The cheapest version of the iPhone SE (16 GB) will cost $399 while the 64 GB model will be priced at $499. The terminal features support for Apple Pay and Live Photos.

Unfortunately, Apple will not give up on the habit of launching devices with a capacity of 16 GB internal storage, despite its smartphones now having cameras capable of filming in 4K and having no support for micro-SD cards.

The smartphone will be available for pre-order starting March 24, and deliveries will begin on March 31. Finally, the iPhone will be released in over 100 countries.


With the occasion of this event, Apple has also released a smaller iPad Pro tablet, with a display of 9.7 inches, iOS 9.3 and a series of new bracelets for Apple Watch.

Technobezz has broadcasted the event in TEXT format!

Update 1: Tim Cook announces that there are over 1 billion Apple devices in use around the world. The topic is slowly moving towards Apple Watch, the “number one smart watch in the world,” according to the head of Apple. About one-third of Apple Watch owners change the bracelets on a regular basis. The company announces new bracelets and starting from today, the cheapest Apple smartwatch will cost 300 dollars.


Update 2: The topic now switches to Apple TV, for which Cook says they are available over 5000 apps. The topic finally changes to iPhone. The company has sold over 30 million iPhones with 4-inch displays in 2015, so again, the company launches another smartphone with a 4-inch display – iPhone SE.


Update 3: The casing of the iPhone SE is made of aluminium, and the design is similar to that of the iPhone 5S. The terminal has an A9 processor, a GPU three times more powerful than the 5S and a 12 MP camera that can capture videos at the 4K quality. iPhone SE features a LTE Cat.4 (150 Mbps), 433Mbps 802.11ac Wi-Fi and a TouchID fingerprint security system. The terminal doesn’t have 3D Touch, an important feature on your iPhone 6S.


UPDATE 4: The cheapest version of the iPhone SE will cost 400 dollars and the most expensive $500. The Smartphone will be available starting on March 31, and pre-orders starting on March 24. Until the end of may, the iPhone will be available in more than 100 countries. In the image below you can see the first wave of countries in which terminal will get:


UPDATE 5: The company has also launched iOS 9.3, which comes with small but useful updates. These include notes that can be protected with passwords, updated Apple News (now includes articles and publisher selections) and an updated Carplay application with now features points of interest for nearby locations and suggestions for songs. But perhaps the most interesting feature is the Night Shift that changes the brightness of the display so that in the evening it displays warmer colors and more friendly to the eyes. This is a technology similar to f.lux.


UPDATE 6: The topic changes to iPad and a smaller version of the iPad Pro, with a screen diagonal of 9.7 inches. According to a representative of Apple, the device is large enough to do work on and portable enough to take it anywhere. iPad Pro uses the same A9X processor as the larger tablet, 4 speakers, a display that is 25% brighter than the iPad Air 2 and provides support for Apple Pencil.


UPDATE 7: Just like the iPhone SE, the new iPad Pro tablet has a 12 MP sensor, capable of recording videos at the 4K quality. The cheapest version (32 GB) will cost 600 dollars and the most expensive (128 GB) 750 dollars. There is also a special version with internal storage capacity of 256 GB costing $900. The pre-orders will start on 24th of March, and deliveries begin on March 31.




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