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New Substratum Release 780 Features

It’s no secret that Substratum is one of the best theming engines for rooted Android devices out there. Substratum has gained fame in the theme-based community for its useful features and penchant for always keeping up to date with the latest tech demands. And now they’ve done it again with Substratum Release 780, which brings tons of cool new things and also Android O tweaks that will make sure that Substratum is ready when the new Google OS comes. Let’s see what 780 has to offer.

What’s New

First of all, we need to mention that Substratum Release 780 comes with a lot of new bug fixes, as well as other tweaks that improved overall performance. With that being said, let’s bring out the big guns: Encrypted Assets and Android O DP3 Support. The former is the major addition that this new update brings, because it makes it all the more difficult for pirates to kang themes, which is always a welcomed new improvement seeing as how intellectual property theft is so common on the Internet these days, and even encouraged at times.

Encrypted Assets completely encrypts the assets and overlays folder on your device with an AES 128-bit algorithm which is perfect for the job. However, the update in this respect isn’t yet completed, because developers didn’t want to risk blowing it due to a too big change that the platform can’t support.

As for the Android O DP3 support, this means that users can start making themes for the beta version of Android O right now. Android O is currently during its third developer preview, and you can theme it right now if you have Substratum. The final stable version of Android O (now known as Android 8.0.0) is coming this fall, and Substratum is bound to also have a new update then.

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