How to Stream Movies & TV Shows on Roku Streaming Stick For Free

How to Stream Movies & TV Shows on Roku Streaming Stick For Free

There are many users that are looking for a way to jailbreak the Roku Streaming Stick in order to achieve free streaming. However, jailbreaking is neither possible nor needed. The solution you need is much simpler: there is a way to stream movies and TV shows for free without doing any modification to Roku. All you have to do is download KODI. This article will teach you everything you need to know about this software and how to use it on your Roku Streaming Stick. Let’s take a look.

What is KODI?

KODI is a software that allows you to stream videos and music. However, the only way to get the best out of KODI is to use add-ons. The most popular add-on for this software is Exodus and if you are looking for a proper add-on you should probably consider this one. However, while KODI is a normal streaming software that can be also found on Google Play Store, KODI with add-ons is another story, since the use of Exodus, or anything similar, can be considered illegal.

You can use KODI on almost any type of device, from handsets to PCs, laptops and smart TVs. However KODI cannot be used on Roku Streaming Stick since the software was not designed for this kind of operating system. But the situation is not hopeless, you can still use a certain loophole that allows you to indirectly stream KODI videos and music on Roku. Read below to discover how you can do this with a simple setup.

How to get KODI on Roku Streaming Stick?

In order to get KODI on Roku, you will have to use the fact that this software is available for various devices. With the help of an Android device or a Windows PC you can indirectly stream KODI content on your Roku Streaming Stick. However, we will use cast feature for this, so these tips are available only for Roku 3, since it is the only Roku Streaming Stick that has that feature. But this shouldn’t represent a problem since there are few users who still use the older versions.

These easy steps should teach you how to get this entertainment software on your streaming stick. We will focus on the Android device option. All you have to do is find KODI in Google Play Store and simply install it on an Android device. Next you just have to use an HDMI cable to stream the Android device on Roku Streaming Stick. It is very simple and anyone can do it.

Now you can enjoy numerous movies and TV shows without paying anything for them.

What is Roku Streaming Stick?

Roku is a great streaming stick designed for HD smart TVs. All you have to do is connect it to Wi-Fi and you will be able to watch anything you want. It comes with many free channels of its own that can be used for streaming shows and movies, but it also has popular channels such as Hulu and Netflix (and it even has special shortcut buttons for these two).

Using Roku Streaming Stick without KODI is possible and even safer, since you won’t have the illegal risks of add-ons. However, getting KODI and Exodus will enhance your experience and it will add multiple movies and channels that you would have missed otherwise. Therefore, if you are not too worried about minor illegalities you should give the KODI & Exodus combination a chance and see if you will enjoy the Roku Streaming Stick more.



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