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How do I stop my Facebook friends from finding my Instagram

Do you want to stop your Facebook friends from finding you on Instagram? Then this is the article for you.

There are situations when you tried creating a brand new Instagram Account with a new name, email address but still, your Facebook friends found you. Instagram has a feature called Instagram friends finder which helps people finding friends on Instagram effortlessly.

The main reason why your Facebook friends are finding you on Instagram is that you linked your existing Facebook account with your Instagram account. Therefore, you need to unlink your Facebook account from Instagram to prevent your  Facebook friends from finding you on Instagram. Learn the process here.


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How to stop Facebook friends from finding you on Instagram

  • First, open your Instagram account and then press the menu button located in the upper right corner.
  • You can see the ‘Linked account’ option there, just tap on it and choose Facebook.
  • Next, click the checkmark next to Facebook in case you are using an Android device while those holding an iPhone need to click Facebook and then tap on Unlink.
  • Your Facebook will be unlinked then from Instagram.

But this is just half of the work done as still your Facebook friends can find you on Instagram, the reason is your Instagram account still have the authority for Facebook. So, here are the steps to remove it completely.

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Steps to remove Instagram From Facebook completely:

  • Log into your Facebook account first.
  • Next, click on the gear icon and follow the path menu> account settings > app.
  • There you will notice several apps that you have given authorization to the Facebook account. Search for Instagram there.
  • As you find it, click on the edit button and it will show the menu option where you are required to tap on the ‘Remove app’ option.
  • It is also safe to delete all your past activity of Instagram from Facebook which is done by checking the box located next to it and then press the ‘Remove’ button.
  • Now your Facebook is entirely unlinked from Instagram. Your Facebook friends won’t be able to find you on Instagram.



  1. I have never linked my Instagram account with my Facebook account (they appear unlinked in the settings and I have never had the Instagram app on Facebook), and I don’t have my phone number on my Facebook, yet my Facebook friends are finding and following my account en masse. Instagram app is also aware of my FB account and tries to push me to connect them. Would it help if I changed the email address of either my FB or my IG (they are created under the same email)?

  2. Guys, nobody gives a shit about your email you keep changing. It’s your phone number that you used for ig and fb. So there’s no escape unless you change it. Of course, you should provide a new email as well. I’m still not sure though if it can’t get the information from your phone about which apps you had installed and accounts you ran. So the 100% way I can see is basically change it ALL: your phone, your number, your email and DON’T add your contacts from the previous phone! This is the only way I see possible.

  3. Pretty sure a user wrote that if you delete fb app and only keep ig. You can factory reset your phone after you have backed it up, to clear your fb data being stored. Claims this will work, does anyone have success with this??

  4. I haven’t had facebook in 5 years. Used a different email address for my insta account. Did not use my real name or any version of it, and people from my middle school are still finding me.

    I think they might just tag you by your IP address or something cause i didn’t even have an ig when I got rid of facebook. This is kind of horrifying but also pretty funny. YOU CAN NEVER ESCAPE!!!

  5. This is so annoying, I have deleted my facebook account, permenant deletion. Just created a brand new instagram account and all my facebook friends are showing up to follow on the feed. I love instagram and I have no problem people finding me on there but I don’t want all friends from facebook finding me. straight away. The only thing I can think of is that my fb account is still going through the 14 day deletion period. Its frustrating there is no privacy on anything anymore. I am going to delete the account I think and wait for the 14 days to pass and then try again.

  6. Anyone figure this out? I want to create a secret IG account (while keeping my personal) for a new journey in my life. I don’t want friends or family finding the secret account.
    1. I created a new IG under a brand new email address (even used the wrong name).
    2. Log into the new IG account and BAM! Starts giving me suggestions of my family and friends to follow. I immediately deactivated my new secret IG account.
    3. I unlinked FB from my personal IG account.
    4. Deleted the FB app from my phone.

    Still, my secret IG account is still giving me suggestions! How do we make this madness stop?

  7. F*** facebook. I want to delete mine entirely now. I have a political instagram page where I engage in debate and follow other political pages and post my own posts, but need it to be entirely separate from my personal account. So I had it under a clean email and a fake name. I work for the federal government and by law cannot connect my position to my politics. I can have politics and I can engage in this kind of activity, as long as it is NOT CONNECTED to my name and position. What did instagram/facebook do? Send a notification to my friends today, on my personal facebook account that is completely unconnected from my political page, saying “hey soandso is on instagram as _______”

    1. I had the exact same problem! I don’t understand why if you use a separate email and name they still some how manage to link up.
      Did you manage to sort this at all or did you result in deleting one of your accounts?

    2. After following the unlink steps from both apps, and making sure that your ig is under a different email account than fb, Try going into your actual contacts (as in where you go when you want to look up a number to make a call). Then the following: click the ellipsis –> contact settings –> accounts & settings –> choose fb –> turn off sync –> click the ellipsis –> remove account.

      I’m on a droid, but now when I go into ig (different than my fb email) and try to use the add contacts function, it no longer gives me the names of people in my contacts or from my fb. Just popular or trending accounts. Not sure if it works yet, but it looks promising. I just signed up for ig today.

  8. The level of intrusion in privacy Facebook now exercises is sickening and troublesome. I made a new instagram tonight because I find some photographers on there I wanted to support, and even though it is now owned by FB, I still think it is the best platform for burgeoning photographers. I used an email I just acquired, that has NO connection with my Facebook whatsoever (that I would have deleted months ago if it were not for my job), and when I went to follow the first photographer, numerous FB friends popped up in my suggestions list. I know I should not have been floored by this breach of privacy, but I was honestly dumbfounded that Instagram was suggesting me people I have zero interest in following or having them follow me. I love photography. I like showing pictures, and I like finding new photographers in my area, but because I know it was only a matter of time before all of my FB friends found my new instagram, I deleted it immediately.

    I’m sick of FB. Absolutely disgusted by this company’s actions. I’m not a big social media fan in general. I don’t use twitter, I haven’t had an instagram in quite a while, I barely use snapchat, but even with all of that said, none are so awful as that soul-sucking platform we call Facebook. I hate instagram sold out to them, because Facebook has a way of becoming intrusive to the point of weariness. I long ago deleted the FB app from my phone and disabled all emails from them, yet the company still finds a way to intrude on my internet privacy in the smallest ways. We have given over all of our sensitive information to this company, and we as a society treat it as a normal thing. I cannot wait for the demise of that site.

    1. that wont happen because of the backing ups. Facebook is the best place for police and govt to find and collect info about people. You have to understand, there is no more privacy, they like to know what people do and track them.

  9. I never ever linked Facebook and Instagram. I never had the FB app in my iPhone. I did have the same e-mail in both IG and FB, but until about 2 years ago it didn’t matter. One day I realized I was getting suggestions to follow people on IG who were people I knew and were contacts on Facebook (and they were getting me as a suggestion too). I hardly use FB, actually I probably only log into Facebook about twice a year and just to have a very quick glance, I’m not active at all. When I realized that after FB bought IG, they started to link and mix both (without asking for your permission to do so), I concluded that they were just linking accounts by the emails used, even if you didn’t link your accounts ever, and then started to make all those suggestions, which is a huge abuse and a total vulnerability of your right to privacy. They don’t even take into consideration that you might not want the people you know for real and have on FB to know about your IG account or content. And I really don’t know how they do it, but even if you delete Instagram, upload it again, make a brand new account with another email and even another phone number, they STILL begin suggesting the people you know and that are in your Facebook. I did all that and even deactivated the location on my phone, so the photos wouldn´t have any info related (city it was taken, etc), and even so when I start typing a letter in the search page, they start showing the people of my family! It’s a nightmare! I really enjoyed exploring my artistic point of view on IG, but that’s a part that I wanted just for me, didn´t want to share it with the “real” people in my world. I used to love Instagram when I started using it about 4-5 years ago. Once Facebook bough it, they began to ruin it. It’s not the same anymore, but I still enjoyed it. I really don’t know how Facebook do it, but it’s kind of scary. It’s like if once they get you on your phone, you cant get rid of them. It’s like if they are the Big Brother. They’re watching and there’s nothing you can do to hide. I wish there was another photography APP, with a similar format.

  10. What annoys me the most is you clearly have a section on IG in your push notification that allow you to not have “your facebook friend is on IG” still happened. My fb and ig are not connected. I mistakenly shared one of the pic on my fb page thanks to my phone to bugg at the most unwanted moment I’m using another email address, not linked with any phone number but still happening. Big brother at its finest. Fck YOu Zucky!

  11. Has anyone resorted to deleting their Facebook account completely and starting from scratch on IG to see what happens?? I canNOT have Instagram and Facebook making these connections after I’ve unlinked everything and I’m about ready to take desperate measures here…

  12. I deleted my Facebook and my original insta in the hopes of some privacy.. started a new Instagram with absolutely no one I knew on there just for some space and to not have my whole neighbourhood watching me (not about that life) Then I get a delightful bunch of requests from people in my area. Fuck you Instagram ?????

    1. Shit…so did you follow the advice from the comment left above you (by OnlineHelper) and it STILL didn’t keep them separate?? I am soooo okay with deleting my fb off of my phone to avoid these unwanted connections but is the networking seriously that persistent? This is the most frustrating thing ever…..

  13. Since fb and instagram are the same company, it doesn’t matter if your accounts are linked or not.

    The solution for this is to only have instagram app install on your smartphone. You’ll need to delete all the data regarding fb and ig accounts, if you can factory reset your phone, do it (remember to do a backup before), then create a brand new instagram account with a new email address.

    So, I only have ig on my phone and I only access fb via web.

    One more thing, if you choose to follow people that live near you, or in the same state eventually ig will learn your habit and what type of people you follow. So, there is a good chance your name will pop up on some you know or you interact with.

    DON’T install fb app on your phone ’cause eventually both app are going to share data “to enhance your experience” and your friends will be able to find you.

    It worked for me.
    I have an android phone.

  14. Totally doesn’t work, makes sense that it should but sadly it does not. I do not understand why they need to be linked when you would rather not have certain people see your photos.

  15. I did this weeks ago but someone in my class who I just added on facebook found me on instagram straight away and added me and my instagram account wasn’t set as private so now he knows I’m trans. Great thanks a lot facebook and instagram you outed me you pieces of shit.

  16. This does not work. This week I started getting a ton of adds from FB people, who don’t have my email or phone number. My FB and IG have never been linked! I used completely different emails, and did not use a phone number. I wanted to keep both accounts separate for a reason. I deactivated my accounts because I can’t deal with this.

  17. i’ve got the problem where i’ve never linked this account but my facebook friends are getting notifications in regards to my second instagram account and requesting to follow! anyone have any tips to avoid this? i have to keep it private so no one can see anything!!

  18. This doesn’t work.. I had ANOTHER IG account linked to my fb, I then did
    another account that I want to keep “private” (I don’t want my bf
    friends in that one). They shouldn’t be linked AT ALL (different emails,
    and so on) but they still find me and I don’t understand HOW. Theyr are
    not linked, I erased the IG app on my fb. What can I do more? I can’t
    even go to fb from my ig because they’re ot linked so I really don’t
    understand how they find me.. so frustrating…

    1. Same thing happening to me. If people are posting the same problem from months ago, it doesn’t look like they’ll ever fix it. I had to deactivate.

  19. I unlinked a long time ago (uninstalled the Instagram App on Facebook too) and still friends from that facebook (a rather more public one) are following me as soon as they join Instagram (which is more private for me). It seems they’re still getting automatically lead to my instagram through the suggestions / friend finder or should I expect this from simply having my full name filled out? (Not a unique name)

    1. Hello there, Erik — I am finding myself in a very similar situation as you were in this post 2 years ago…I accidentally linked a personal Facebook page with my professional Instagram account and have been getting these notifications, even after I unlinked everything and deleted the Instagram app from my Facebook page — what did you end up doing to stop the notifications from going out? Do I have to delete my Facebook page and start all over? Thanks!

    2. I don’t have my name listed on IG, it’s a completely different user name than FB, I don’t use the same emails, I don’t have phone number listed, and people are finding me. I’m really annoyed so I just deactivated.

  20. I unlinked a long time ago (uninstalled the Instagram App on Facebook too) and still friends from that facebook (a rather more public one) are following me as soon as they join Instagram (which is more private for me). It seems they’re still getting automatically lead to my instagram through the suggestions / friend finder or should I expect this from simply having my full name filled out? (Not a unique name)

  21. Its because they have already received a notification from stupid ass instagram saying that you’ve joined. Even if you unlink, they probably have already gotten the notification. UGH #SoAnnoyed

  22. Its because they have already received a notification from stupid ass instagram saying that you’ve joined. Even if you unlink, they probably have already gotten the notification. UGH #SoAnnoyed

  23. Hi, I did everything you said but my friends still find me!!!! I’m desperate, I do not want my Facebook friends to find my instagram! I unlinked the account (even tried linking to a new account but still my Facebook friends find my account.

  24. Hi, I did everything you said but my friends still find me!!!! I’m desperate, I do not want my Facebook friends to find my instagram! I unlinked the account (even tried linking to a new account but still my Facebook friends find my account.

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