How To Stop Autoplaying Videos In Google Chrome

It is often a practice on websites to display advertisements which are in the video form in order to earn some money. Most of these ads are very annoying because they play sound somewhere in the background and it is so distracting that you can’t concentrate on the actual content. You can stop it by pressing the right button when you find the video on the page, but it is not an easy option if you frequently visit these websites. This guide will show you how to stop autoplaying video in Google Chrome.

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How To Stop Autoplaying Video in Google Chrome

If you want to stop autoplay of videos, you need to follow these instructions:

Open Google Chrome browser. Click on Chrome menu icon (in the form of three horizontal lines) located on the top right corner of the opened window, and click on Settings.

On the opened page, scroll down to the bottom and there you can see the button „Show advanced settings“.

You’ll see  „Content settings“ under the Privacy section.

When you open these settings, you need to find „Plug-ins“ section and allow the option „Let me choose when to run plugin content“.

This should be enough but if you want more, you must to go to „Manage individual plugins“ and uncheck the option „always allowed to run“ next to Adobe Flash player.

If you can’t stop auto-loading of videos there is another solution. In Chrome web store you can a lot of extensions for this problem, and the best is „Disable HTML5 Autoplay“.

To install this extension, click on Chrome menu icon, go to „More tools“ < „Extensions“ and in the opened window, find the link at the bottom „Get more extensions“.

In a search field, type „Disable HTML5 autoplay“ and click on the most relevant result.

Install the extension by pressing on „Add to Chrome“ button and the icon will appear at the top-right corner of the Chrome window. This extension will automatically stop any autoplay on the web page.









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