Steam friends network unreachable – Ways to fix it

Some Steam users reported that they received an error message right after they logged in: "Steam friends network unreachable." If you are getting the same message and are unsure what to do, try the solutions listed below.

Steam friends network unreachable – How to fix it?

Before you move to the solutions we have listed below, ensure you have a good internet connection. The error message usually shows up because the user has connectivity issues or the Wi-Fi connection keeps dropping. You may restart your router/modem to eliminate any bugs or issues.

Other things you can try:

  • Close Steam Client and launch it again
  • Restart your computer – whenever you have some issue on your computer, restart it because the restart closes processes and apps that could be causing the problem.
  • Opt out of the Betta programs – to do this, open Steam, log in, click on the Steam button, then click on Settings. Click Change (located under the beta participation heading and then select NONE-Opt out of all beta programs.
  • Delete Steam Cache and Cookies – launch Steam, click the Steam button, and then click Settings. Click on the Web browser option on the left, and as the last step, click on Delete Web Browser Cache and Delete all Web Browser Cookies buttons.
  • Change in the properties – Find the Steam shortcut on the PC, right-click on it, and select Properties. Next, click on the Target window, add –nofriendsui > Apply, and click OK. If that didn't work, go back to the Target field, add -nofriendsui -nochatui, click Apply, and finally hit OK.

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TechnobezzApr 3, 2021

Steam friends network unreachable – Ways to fix it