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About Fallout 2

A turn-based tactical Western RPG in which the Chosen One is tasked with exploring post-nuclear California to locate and retrieve the fabled Garden of Eden Creation Kit for their famine-stricken tribe, while coming into contact through branching dialogue trees with numerous tribes, factions and micro-civilizations, each with their own virtues, vices, socioeconomic situations and political agendas.
In 2241, the primitive Arroyo suffers the worst drought on record. Faced with the calamity, the village elder asks the direct descendant of the Vault Dweller, referred to as the Chosen One, to perform the quest of retrieving a Garden of Eden Creation Kit (GECK) for Arroyo. The GECK is a device that can create thriving communities out of the post-apocalyptic wasteland.[3] The player, assuming the role of the Chosen One, is given nothing more than the Vault Dweller's jumpsuit,a RobCo PIPBoy 2000 handheld device, a Vault 13 water flask, a spear and some cash to start on his mission.
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    • Bird view / Isometric

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    • FO2
    • Fallout 2 Classic
    • F2
    • Fallout 2: A Post-Nuclear Role-Playing Game


    • aliens,ghosts,hunting,robot,post-apocalyptic,exploration,stealth,murder,drugs,organizedcrime,ants,mascot,turn-based,death,military,robots,gambling,doctor,puzzles,hand-to-hand combat,insanity,steam,overworld,time limit,multiple endings,apocalypse,mutants,traps,building,point and click,hacking,artificial intelligence,open-world,dialogue trees,sex,inventory,dark humor,camera,slavery,racism,easter egg,dog,terraforming,sequel,mad scientist,talking animals,hexagon,day/night cycle,boss fight,explosion,radiation,single-player only,female protagonists,alternate historical,male protagonists,throwing weapons,countdown timer,scorpions,tactical turn-based combat,attributes,rivaling factions,customizable characters,leveling up,world map,voice acting,scatological humor,top-down perspective,human,shopping,skill points in game,damsel in distress,breaking the fourth wall,loot gathering,pop culture reference,game reference,rat,cults,racial stereotypes,original soundtrack release,non-player character,extreme violence,profanity,,descendants of other characters,fake in-game advertising,sniping,character creation,moral decisions,side quests,pick your gender,branching storyline,questing,melee,real-time combat,lgbt,a.i. companion,adultery,male antagonist,retro future,friendly fire,betrayal,nonexistent light source,self-referential humor,quicksaving,quickloading,movie reference,vending machine interaction,mercenary,violent plants,christianity,communism,rebels,nuclear bomb,addiction,theft,changing sides,been here before,level cap,invisible wall,suicide,tentacles,dystopian world,onlive,boss assistance,stealth kill,guns and bullets,fetch quests,poverty,quest tracking,teenager,gore system,kidnapping,poisoning,age progression,scripted events,random encounter,zero to hero,whale,propaganda,genocide,nameless protagonist,anarchism,sociopathy,vigilante,restoration,status effects,cola,ghoul,suggestive remark,trilogy,movement penalty,two-handed weapons,pseudo non-linear,flower picking,sex work,fictional currencies,utopian civilization,nonlinear development,the yakuza,nuclear war,nuclear holocaust,nuclear fallout,world war iii,negotiation,reluctant hero,mute character,removed from,nameless location,kill quest,neutral,e3 1998
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