Spotify Is Planning To Launch Video Service This Week

According to WSJ, Spotify is planning to launch the streaming video service this week. They will stream their video contents that they got from ESPN, Comedy Central, BBC, Vice Media, Maker Studios, and others.

Actually, last May, Spotify has announced this plan and has done a trial with a small group in the U.S, UK, Germany, and Sweden.

The seven-month intervals after the announcement, Spotify is considered too slow in releasing their new service to the public. Shiva Rajaraman, the Spotifiy’s vice president of product explained that the delay is part of the plan, called the test period.

“We are at the end of a journey of testing,” he said. “We are going out effectively as planned. Our goal was largely to get a wide breadth of content and experiment and test.”

On the test period, they can find the right focus content for their users in enjoying the streaming video service. Spotify will focus on compartmentalizing video content and creating programming packages, like “News of the Week” or “Laughs at Lunch.”

This week, Spotify will release it on the Android platform first, then on iOS device by next week. They have posted a video for their new service with a tagline “Say hello to the most entertaining Spotify ever.” Let’s watch the video below:


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