Spider-Man comes to GTA San Andreas

GTA Spiderman

Since the inception of GTA San Andreas, there have been significant mods for Rockstar Games’ acclaimed game. Nevertheless, there are some of the Mods that have received broad appreciation from experts and gamers as well – a mod which came into being in the year 2015 works on to improve more straightforward ideas.

J16D, GTA San Andreas Mod, brings Spider-Man and his web-swinging actions to the streets of San Andreas. The developer of the Mod has a chance of working on it for more than four years, and now the results are awe-struck. It is extremely important to note that being Spider-Man as a protagonist in GTA San Andreas can be beneficial.

The progress did welcome Spider-Man to San Andreas

J16D has recently released a video which showcases the progress and advancement of the Mod. The video suggests that the characterization and the suit of Spider-Man derive massive inspiration from the newly released Spider-Man PlayStation exclusive game.

The video also depicts that the creator of this Mod did put some animations which were a part of the PS4’s exclusive game. Long story short, the game looks completely like a Spider-Man video game. Some gamers around the world are yet to play the popular open-world GTA San Andreas. These gamers might feel that the Mod version of San Andreas might be a Spider-Man game of the early 2000s, which were a delight to play.

Swing around San Andreas with Spider-Man

The swinging of the web-crawler throughout the game looks so good. On the other hand, Spider-Man could quickly flip in mid-air and twirl to give a boost to his swinging prowess. People might be thinking that the creator of the Mod just brought Spider-Man into the universe of GTA. There is more to the story than that.

The menu of the GTA SA mod is different, and on the other hand, the modder also incorporates suits and music from the recent PS4 exclusive Spider-Man game. Sadly, the modder didn’t release the demo version of the mod, and this is the reason why players cannot get their hands on the game, as of now.

The modder is making plans to release this version of San Andreas over time. However, the modder does want to add some extra features to the Mod. According to online sources, the modder plans to add much more animation and give the GTA’s Spidey the ability to run on walls. What would entice gamers to play Spider-Man mod version of GTA SA would be cutting-edge textures and gameplay.

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