How To Speed Up WordPress Website

WordPress is a great platform for small and medium websites and blogs. But the only problem with this platform is its speed. The speed of WordPress is usually very slow. So if you think to switch to another platform, then it’s not only to wait for repeat visitors but also you have to take other hassles. On the other hand, the speed is equally important because when a visitor visits your page for the first time, you have only a few seconds to capture their attention towards your page. But if the page loads slowly, they will cross the browser and will look for another website.

Speed up WordPress

Here are some steps to speed up WordPress site, and you can read on to know them. Using these few steps you will be able to speed up WordPress website.

Choose a Good Host

While starting for your new website or blog, try not to go for a shared host. They offer several things and also come at a low price, but may create a problem during your high traffic periods because of its slow speed and frequent downtime. So if you are planning on doing awesome stuff, try to avoid shared host to speed up the WordPress website.

Start with a good theme or framework

You might be surprised that the default WordPress themes are the best option to use on your WordPress website because they are pretty speedy themes. So it also helps to speed up WordPress blog or site.

Use a Caching Plugin

All the WordPress plugins are very much useful for your WordPress site, but some of them fall under caching category. These plugins improve the page loading time, available on is free and easy to use as well. So install the Plugin that falls under catching category to speed up the WordPress site.

Optimize images

Install a WordPress Plugin WP-SmushIt which will reduce the file size of an image but will maintain the same quality. When you upload any images, this Plugin will do this process automatically for you. So SmushIt Plugin is a good option to speed up WordPress website or blog.

Use CDN (Content delivery network)

Most of the big blogs use CDN. You too can use the same if you are into online marketing using a WordPress. Content delivery network or CDN accepts all the static files that you have got in your WordPress site such as CSS, images, JavaScript, etc. and make them available on servers to let the visitors download the files as fast as possible.

Optimize your homepage to load faster

To load your home page quickly, you have to maintain few things because home page loading speed is the most important thing for your website as visitors will come there very often.

So you can follow the below points:

  1. Instead of showing full post, show excerpts.
  2. Try to decrease the post number on the page.
  3. The widgets those are not necessary, remove them from the home page.
  4. Remove inactive plugins from your page.
  5. Try to keep the page simply because readers’ main intention is to read the content.


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