Space Zoom Trademark Filed by Samsung for the Upcoming Galaxy S11

Space Zoom Trademark Filed by Samsung for the Upcoming Galaxy S11

Samsung has recently trademarked the term “Space Zoom”. It was also revealed recently that the camera on the upcoming Galaxy S11 is codenamed “Hubble”. So, it makes sense if this trademark is related to the Galaxy S11.

Samsung registered the Space Zoom trademark with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). It was filed as class 9/42 and was tagged as “smartphones, tablet computers; smartwatches; software to zoom in to a subject without lowering image quality.” The trademark was filed on 6th November.

Space Zoom Trademark Details

Based on the tags, we can say that the space zoom technology may be referring to the zooming feature of the “Hubble” camera. The snapper has a 5x optical zoom lens that can zoom in to subjects without loss in image quality as described in the trademark as well.

Samsung space Zoom

Along with the 5x “Hubble” lens, the Galaxy S11 will also feature Samsung’s 108MP ISOCELL sensor which captures images with high resolution and in detail. This combination can result in great image quality and detail in close-range as well as long-range shots.

The 5x zoom camera first went into production in May of this year but we didn’t see any application of the camera by Samsung. The Galaxy S11 will be one of the first Samsung smartphones to feature the 5x zoom lens.

Samsung has been dropping space-related hints recently as well. The company just launched the SpaceSelfie Mission for the Galaxy S10 5G.

The Space Zoom feature might be another term for a hybrid zoom that could use the periscope 5x zoom sensor as well as the 108MP ISOCELL sensor in tandem to provide excellent image quality at different focal lengths and support up to 10x hybrid zoom.

Similar Features for Other Smartphones

Apart from Samsung, other smartphone manufacturers have also brought similar features to their cameras like the Google Pixel 4 having an “astrophotography” mode to capture the night sky using the smartphone’s cameras. Huawei, on the other hand, has a moon mode on its camera which helps the users to capture images of the moon. We aren’t sure if Space Zoom is meant to shoot the sky or if it is just a marketing term for the 5x optical zoom feature on the Galaxy S11.

Galaxy S11 Details

The Galaxy S11 is expected to launch in February 2020 and will come with Android 10 out of the box. The device will feature a 108MP ISOCELL camera as well as a 5x hybrid zoom lens, both developed by Samsung. The Galaxy S11 is also expected to release in a couple of different variants like the S11e, the S11+, and the Galaxy S11. We don’t know which variant will have what camera set up yet.



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