Sony Xperia 5G Release Date Sooner Than Galaxy S10

When mobile phones appeared, nobody knew how they would evolve. Now, they have become much more than devices used for talking and sending messages. Every time a new phone is launched, we expect it to bring more interesting features than its predecessors. In order to beat the competition, developers are trying to revolutionize the tech market as often as they can.

Sony is one of those companies willing to compete for becoming the customers’ favorite. In this idea, they are getting ready to launch the long-awaited 5G Xperia smartphone sooner than everyone expected. This decision is caused by the fact other companies have announced important releases this year and Sony simply doesn’t want to remain in the shadow.

What are the rumours about 5G Xperia?

According to recent leaks, the new smartphone could also be called Sony Xperia XZ3. However, the big mystery is wrapped around the accelerated launch. It looks like the Japanese manufacturer’s sales have considerably dropped during this year’s first quarter. Now, they are trying to address this fall with some countermeasures.

Xperia Blog says that new phone released by Sony will be super powerful. In addition, it will have some features that will place it on top of the must-have list.

As you probably know by now, Sony 5G Xperia is the first smartphone in the world which will have a 5G connection. Also, developers announce that the device will have a modern camera system which seems to be inspired by science-fiction movies.

A part of the main ”ingredients” are the 48MP rear lens. Other features that have every chance of increasing Sony 5G Xperia’s sales are a battery which lasts for almost a week and an outstanding design.

The future is still uncertain

Until now, we are not sure if the 5G Xperia is actually the Xperia XZ3 or whether Sony is planning to release them both. In any case, the phones might not be seen until early 2019.

With all this considered, everybody is curious to see if Sony will be able to compete with the new Apple iPhones, Pixel 3 from Google or Samsung Galaxy Note 9. If 5G Xperia will appear next year, it will have to ”fight” with important names like Samsung Galaxy S10, Huawei P30 and OnePlus 7. We will have to wait and see if Sony can offer its customers a unique device that reaches most of their needs. If this happens, things can look better for the Japanese developer.

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