Sony to Release a New Limited Blue Edition PS4 Console

Sony to Release a New Limited Blue Edition PS4 Console

This June we are going to see the “Days of Play” event make a return. This return is mostly characterized by Sony coming up with discounts on a various number of video games to celebrate the PlayStation community and PlayStation console users. However, the star of this event is going to be a limited version console which sports a funky design that we will tell you all about.

This console is said to be available for a limited time, but we do not know when the period is going to end precisely since no announcement has been made about that as of yet. If you want to find out more about the new console design, the price, where it will be available and which games will have a discount this June then feel free to read more.

Days of Play Event

As we have mentioned before, this month will see a ton of surprises for gamers. If you were wondering whether or not you were going to get yourself a PlayStation Plus membership, then we think that this is the time that you get one. Sony has announced that these memberships will have significant price discounts. And why turn down a deal, mainly when it is for something as amazing as PlayStation?

Discounted Games

Here is where things start to get interesting. The list of games that will have a price reduction is a considerable one, and it includes game titles that fans have fallen in love with. The most notable mention would be God of War. The game has only gotten positive reviews. It provides an immersive game experience into an open-world universe where the storyline and the characters are well-created.

Other games on the list are Shadow of the Colossus, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Farpoint, and Gran Turismo Sport. We will also get to see a price reduction for PSVR packages and the DualShock 4 controllers. We cannot stress this enough. If at any moment you were undecided about getting any of the things that we just mentioned, games included, this would be the perfect time to take the leap and profit from a nice discount offered by Sony.

New Console Design

This new PlayStation 4 console got people raving, Design-wise, the console, and the controller come in a lovely shade of blue. We also have a new gold PlayStation logo on the console and a controller that matches the design of the console. We see the now famous Square, Triangle, Circle and Cross symbols printed on the touchpad in the shade color palette. If you never had a PS4 and you want to get one then you may be tempted to buy one then this unique console could be the right choice.

However, keep in mind the fact that hardcore fans will see this device as a collectible item (since it is available only for a limited time) and you may have to hurry if you want to buy one before they are sold out. The fact that Sony did not specify the period when this console is going to be available adds even more mystery to the whole situation. Yes, most of us are expecting it to only be available during the Days of Play event, but maybe the company will extend the period. We can only guess.

Price and Variants

Here is the catch. Different areas will get different variants of this limited edition console. The Days of Play Limited Edition PlayStation 4 console is going to come with a 1TB hard drive in Canada and the US. It will also come with a matching DualShock 4 wireless controller.

If you are from Europe or Australia, you will get to buy a different variant of this console. Here, the Limited Edition PS4 comes with 500GB and two controllers. The console will be available for purchase starting the 8th of June. The device is going to cost 300 dollars, respectively 250 pounds.

Now, is it a bit irritating that we get two different models for different regions? Yes, it is. The small issue that we may find is that people from the US and Canada get to have a 1TB hard drive whereas those in Europe or Australia only get 500GB.

The Duration of the Event

This celebratory event for gamers in the PlayStation community starts from the 8th of June, and it will last until the 18th of June. If you own a PS4 console or if you are an avid fan of PS4 games then this is the perfect moment for you to snatch up games, memberships and many other things at discounted prices. If you fell in love with the limited edition PS4, then you are just as welcomed to buy one as well. If you already own a regular PS4 console then treat this new one as a collectible item.

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