How to get Songs from the SoundCloud: No Jailbreaking required

As is the case with most music applications, a stable internet connection is required so that the online player or the iOS application can play the songs you want. However, there is a way to have your favorite songs from SoundCloud saved on your Apple device without the need to interfere in it with a jailbreaking tool.

How to get DownCloud for your iOS 10 device

As is the case with most applications that are acquired outside the official Apple Store, users will probably need to get the actual installation files for the software. The same is the case with DownCloud, the app which will get you the songs you want. DownCloud comes in the form of an IPA and requires users to download it.

The next step is dependent on the computer system you have. More accurately, if you have a Mac you will need to use Xcode or Cydia Impactor. Cydia Impactor is also applied when installing it on Windows.

After you have installed the DownCloud application on your device, you will need to set-up iOS to recognize the application as a trusted app, and that no extra security measures should be taken. To do this you need to go into your General tab situated in your Settings, then go to Profiles & Device Management. Once there, go to the profile which is assigned for the DownCloud installation. Once you’ve found it, tap it and find the Trust button. This button should be located around the middle of your display. What this does is that it will allow the app to work normally without causing hard-resets to your Home Screen.

Provided all the steps have been followed, users will now be able to head over to DownCloud and launch it just like any other application.

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