Some iPad Pro Were Found Frozen After Charging

Apple has started to sell the iPad Pro on November 11, and many users have gotten it right now. Some of them uploaded the unboxing videos and tried to test or compare it with other devices and share it on YouTube. No doubt that iPad Pro has a great specification and performance, like it was shown by Dom Esposito through the benchmark test using geekbench on the iPad Pro. But, beyond its amazing performance, some iPad Pros were found frozen after charging. Like the one has been reported by darkfire.shadows through Apple Support Communities on November 13, and we can see on the bottom of the thread, 58 users have the same issue.

At night it was down to 40% so I charged it and went to bed.  When I woke up it was “dead”.  It wouldn’t wake up.  I needed to perform a hard reset to get it to come to life.  Worked on it for a couple of hours and had to run an errand.  Plugged it back in as I was going to need a full charge later that day.  Came back to it, same thing.  Dead.  I needed to perform a hard reset to get it to turn on.

The other iPad Pro user who shared the same issue is “BizzaroClark” via MacRumors discussion forums.

At least twice I have left my iPad pro plugged in, once over night, and once during work. When I returned to my iPad it appeared frozen. Black screen, screen will not wake. I had to do a hard reset twice to get the thing to work again. After the hard reset the battery was 100%.

Apple’s Genius Bar team suggests users to do some troubleshooting related to the issue. It can be started by hard resetting and restoring the iOS firmware on iPad Pro through iTunes. We are not sure yet what causes the issue. Is it related to the bug firmware or the hardware? Apple has not given their official statement. Apple  is preparing iOS 9.2, which will become the first iOS update for iPad Pro.

Source: MacRumors

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