How to Solve Facebook App Issue on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

In this article, we are going to discuss How to Solve Facebook App Issue on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Samsung is launching its smart phones one after another and most of them come with mediocre screen resolution, mid range, plastic builds and budget processor. However, 2014 is a different story for Samsung as it has brought Samsung Galaxy tab pro 10.1 into the market. By taking a close look at the Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1, you will find many similarities between this device and Apple products. You can say Galaxy tab 10.1 of Samsung is the rival of iPad Air as the measurements of the two devices are almost same, and their weights are also identical.

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Facebook App Issue on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Facebook App Issue on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Apart from the similarities with iPad air; Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 comes with many attractive features also such as 10.1-inch touch screen, 16/32 GB built-in memory, 2 GB RAM and many more. Because of these excellent features, users are adopting this tab rapidly. However, some Galaxy tab 10.1 owners have complained about the Facebook app issue on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 after using the same. The problem they are facing is that Facebook app is not working properly on their Galaxy tab 10.1. One user has reported that he can post comments or status updates to friends’ walls but not able to post comments or update status on his own wall.

Solutions for Facebook app issue on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

To solve this Facebook app issue on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, open Settings on your Galaxy tab 10.1, then click on Applications and go to Manage Applications. There scroll the screen down and tap on Facebook. Then click on Clear Cache and Clear data and click on the Done option.

After following the above step, if you do not get any result, then this problem is occurring because of older version Facebook app. To get rid of this problem you have to uninstall the Facebook app from your Galaxy tab 10.1 and after that install the app again from the Google play store. To uninstall the Facebook app:

1. Go to Settings on your tab

2. Then tap on Applications

3. Then select the Manage Applications option

4. Tap the option All apps

5. Choose Facebook App from the list

6. Then uninstall it.

Now to reinstall the app, go to the Google play store. Then download the latest version of Facebook app on your Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 and install it. After the installation is complete, restart your device, and you will see that the Facebook app issue on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has resolved. One thing you should take care of is the Internet speed which should be good enough.

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