How to Solve Call and Notification Volume Too Low in Sony Xperia Z2

It’s very annoying that you can listen to a song or talk with your friends in a correct volume, but the incoming call or notification sound is very low and for that, you might have missed some of them. I started hearing about this problem from many of the users on different blogs and some of them mentioned it was so slow volume that they visited the service center by expecting some hardware failure. In this article, we’ll be discussing how to solve call and notification volume too low in Sony Xperia Z2.

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Ways to fix Call and Notification Volume Too Low in Sony Xperia Z2:

Two methods are mentioned here to validate the settings on your phone, and this will help you to resolve the Call and Notification Volume Too Low in Sony Xperia Z2 positively.

Xperia Z2


Method 1:

Go to Settings > Sound and scroll to change the sound and notification tones on your phone. Here you can choose the proper tone which will give you a good option to select your preferable sounds on different actions like the incoming message or incoming calls etc. Or you have options to install a customized ringtone for your phone as well. To do that, you have to connect your phone to your laptop or personal computer. Next, from your computer go to My Computer > Xperia Z2 > Internal Storage and you will get options to drag the tines file to Ringtone or Notifications folder.

Method 2:

You can look at this setting on your Xperia Z2 to solve Call and Notification Volume Too Low. From the Settings > Sound > Sound Effects > Sound Enhancements, you will get the option to go to settings tab by tapping once and select xLoud to enable it. After doing these just ask one of your friends to call you, and I am sure you will hear a better sound than before.


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