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Snowdrop Engine To Be Used In Other Ubisoft Games

Tom Clancy’s The Division has wowed the audiences at E3 when it was announced. Since then, the game has received some small downgrades here and there, but if you love snow,  Snowdrop engine Snowdrop has some blizzards that make you feel your face is freezing just by looking at the monitor. So I have good news for you, the engine will be reused for other studios within Ubisoft.

Martin Hutlberg, IP director at Massive Entertainment – A Ubisoft Studio, said it took a lot of effort to build Snowdrop engine from scratch, as a tool able to work on all major platforms that are now on the market. Such an effort can not possibly be limited to one game.

As a result, although it was built for an MMO, every Ubisoft studio has now the opportunity to use Snowdrop for their projects. Even games that are not part of Tom Clancy series… Although I don’t quite understand why it had to be mentioned in the announcement, since Snowdrop is an engine that doesn’t have the characteristic for the Tom Clancy series. Sure, its destruction is beautiful but does not have any influence on the gameplay.

Could this be the engine to replace Anvil for the Assassin’s Creed series? Unlikely, given how much effort is put in creating the motion animations for Assassin’s Creed. Far Cry doesn’t need an engine either… but, Ubisoft could always make more RPGs like The Division.

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