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Snapchat vs. Instagram – Choose The Best Business

Promoting your business on social media is an important step in its success. While most of us are already familiar with business Facebook and Twitter accounts because major companies have been doing it for years, Instagram and Snapchat are still untapped markets for the most part. More and more businesses are getting onto Snapchat and Instagram, but is one more right for your business than the other? Let’s discuss some factors so that you can decide this for yourself


Both Instagram and Snapchat are targeted towards younger generations, or what is commonly known now as millennials. Most of Instagram’s population is under the age of 30, while a whopping 60% of Snapchat is aged 25 or under, and the rest are under 34. On top of that, both social media platforms are more frequently used by women than men. So what conclusion can we draw from this?

Well, for one, if your audience is predominantly made up of teens, you might want to give Snapchat a go. Instagram is also a good choice, but remember that more mature people use it as well. And if your brand is primarily targeted towards women, both apps are equally good choices.


What is even more important is the type of content you can share on these two very different platforms. Snapchat only allows you to share photo or video stories that will be automatically deleted after 24 hours have passed. Instagram also lets you do that with their Stories function, but in addition to that you can also share permanent content in the form of photos or shorter videos.

So, what kind of content do you want to share with your audience? If you can decide that, you can also decide which platform is right for you.

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