Smash Bros. Ultimate : Piranha Plant Free for Early Buyers of the Game

Smash Bros. Ultimate: Nintendo’s next big release will be Smash Bros. Ultimate and the game will launch officially on December 7 but much of the game’s details have been announced in a conference held by the company. There are several highlights to the game and the gamers may go bonkers when they lay their hands on it when released. One of them relates to a new mode called Spirits. The main theme involves fighters trying to save their friends who have been afflicted by a mysterious corruption. In this mode, the players can choose a type of Spirit which will aid the fighter character they have adopted to play as.

Fighters in Smash Bros. Ultimate Still Work in Progress

The important point that Nintendo made in the conference was that though there will be a number of new characters added as fighters, these characters are still being developed and it may be a while before they will be ready for use within the game. These will be made available possibly in early 2019 as DLC or downloadable content. Some of these may even take a whole year to be released to the gamers, according to the company. Two such characters, Pokemon (Incineroar), and Ken from Street Fighter were part of the presentation during the conference.

Fighter Packs and Bundle Offers

Smash Bros. Ultimate, once released, can be purchased and Nintendo has fixed a price of $6 for each fighter pack if bought individually. This pack comprises a fighter, multiple music tracks and one stage. You get a concessional offer if you choose a bundle of 5 fighters, you can do so by paying just $25, availing $5 off. You will receive the complete sets in the bundle to match the five fighters, including the stage and the music. Nintendo calls this the ‘Fighter Pass’. As an additional benefit, those who opt to buy the ‘Fighter Pass’ will be entitled to free outfit. This outfit will be of a character from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 called Rex.

Avail Piranha Plant for Free

Nintendo has added yet another freebie to the buyers of the Smash Bros. Ultimate, provided they make the purchase before January 31, 2019. These lucky buyers will be entitled to an all-new character Piranha Plant. Resembling the dangerous fish that spits venom, the Piranha Plant within Smash Bros. Ultimate will also be seen making attacks on its enemies through spiked balls and even making long-range attacks with its stem. The company will forward a code to the early buyers that they can use to activate Piranha Plant as and when it is released as DLC. The expected date for that to happen could be around February, around 3 months from now.

If you are keen to play the new game and wish to be an early bird, check out the guide to place the order and make payment online. It promises to be a very exciting prospect.

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