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This Smart Umbrella Will Alert You When It’s Going To Rain

In a world where everything is connected, why would not be the same with umbrellas?

Oombrella is an umbrella that alerts you when it’s going to rain, just before leaving the house. Currently a Kickstarter project, the proposal has almost reached the threshold of 59,000 euros and if it will come to be sold, it will probably cost 64 euros, which would be too much for an umbrella, be it smart or not.

The Umbrella developers have tried to make some improvements to make it worth the money: they made the body strong enough to not be broken by the wind, they devised a brilliant design and they added support for GoPro or traditional cameras. In the handle, there is a mini-station with sensors that can detect temperature, pressure, humidity, and even the light. All these functions can be measured thanks to a connection via Bluetooth to your smartphone.


The Oombrella Company works with a forecast platform, called Wezzoo, which has about 200,000 users. The application uses a system that can warn you 15 minutes before it starts to rain. Another feature would be “Do not forget me” that do not let you lose your umbrella, notifying you if you are at a great distance.

Moreover, Oombrela has social functions. You can view statistics of your last rainy trips, where you went, how much you used the umbrella as the weather and with all the details. You can also discover other Oombrella users, and when you get a message or a call, the handle has a small LED that is activated. You will get all these functions if you are willing to pay 64 euros for an umbrella.

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