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Communicating online via calls, texts, video calls, emails, and many social media has become a huge part of

Communicating online via calls, texts, video calls, emails, and many social media has become a huge part of the daily routine of everyone’s lives. And this type of communication is great because people are not always capable of talking in person. It’s an amazing way of communication if you have someone that’s out of the country you’re in, or maybe you are doing business online. But which apps are the best for these ways of communication? Which video call apps precisely?

Today we will be comparing and reviewing two of the currently most used video chat apps, as the title says Skype and Google Duo.

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Cost of the apps and availability

Both apps are free. And both are available on Android and IOS. Skype has a bit more range. You can use it on many devices. Androids, IOS, Windows, Linux, on some smart TVs also. So the first points definitely go to Skype.

Logging and Signing in

If you have a Google account you can easily log into Google Duo in just two clicks. While the situation with Skype is a bit more complicated.

You need to fill out a lot of forms on Skype. Your username, password, email, date of birth, gender and etc… If that’s boring to you, and you don’t have the time or patience, then Duo is the perfect app for you. So some points go to Duo as well for the short sign up process.

Video call quality

Google rated its own app as the one with the best quality video. We agree! Duo has an amazing video call quality. It’s better than most apps out there, such as Viber or WhatsApp. But when you compare it to Skype, there isn’t any big difference in the quality of the video. They are both just as good and equal in this comparison if you ask us.


Privacy is one of the most important things you should think about while communicating online. Some apps have “end to end” encryption, and some don’t. Skype is in the don’t group. It has encryption between you and the servers that the company is working with, but not between you and their company. That’s set by default. But if you want “end to end” encryption, which means that no one, not even their company can see the messages you send and receive, you’d have to turn it on yourself in the settings section. Duo is different, you are completely safe and protected from the start of using this app because their default is actually “end to end” encryption. And that’s a huge plus for Duo because not many people know about this, nor how to turn it on in Skype for example.

Group video chats

Google Duo supports video chats with 12 people max. While Skype offers a group video chat with 50 max participants. It’s great for video conferences and online classes. And what’s amazing is that Skype allows you to share your screen with other participants of the group chat which is really helpful and very much used in school systems these days.

Logos of the apps

As you are already familiar, Duo has a little camera for its logo and Skype has the letter S. Both apps have their logos on the blue background. The reason for that is because the blue background symbolizes that they are user and family-friendly.

If you ask us, Skype is our pal from the early days. But Duo is fresh and better meat. Both of them have amazing features and one should just try both apps and choose which one they like better. One has features that the other one doesn’t and in reverse. So it’s just a matter of perspective. Not everyone will like Duo, but then again, not everyone likes Skype either.

Hope this article helped you in deciding which one you like more!

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Elizabeth Kartini

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