Sims Brings Witches And Warlocks with “The Sims 4: Realm Of Magic”

The lovers of magic, witches, warlocks, flying broomsticks, spell, magic incantations are in for a treat as The Sims 4 brings a new expansion, namely, The Sims 4: Realm of Magic. EA and Maxis have also released trailer for the upcoming DLC which is set for launch in September.

EA Finally introduces the most-anticipated Realm of Magic comprising magic and witchcraft. The DLC is the perfect example where Maxis did listen to the pleas of fans to curate a DLC with magic as its core. In the new world of magic, the Sims can brew potions, cast spells, ride on broomsticks and engage in a wizarding duel.

The final moments of the trailer suggest that the expansion pack will first release on Mac and PC on the 10th of September, 2019. The console gamers have to wait for almost a month to play the DLC on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The trailer also provides the release date of the expansion series for the gaming consoles on 15th of October 2019.

This isn’t the first time that the Sims franchise introduced spells and magic

The first installment of Sims, The Sims 1, also had a magical expansion DLC named “Makin’ Magic.” After two decades, Sims is again bringing the flair of magic and spells into “The Sims 4” with Realm of Magic.

The trailer revolves around a handsome young man with blonde hair who walks through a green portal while strolling in the countryside. The unnamed character finds himself in a magical realm filled with purple floating islands where the spellcasters were wearing fishnets. The other half of the trailer features a mind-boggling duel between a cardigan-wearing non-playable character and the suave gentleman. The official description of the game suggests that the respective Sims are going to be trained to become spellcasters.


The premise of the Realm of Magic

In the new expansion, the Sims will have to collect and cast different spells to fight other Sims. The Sims can also turn the other Sims into objects. The sim will also be trained to curate the drinkable potions to make other falls in love, live forever, or remove a deadly curse. Like Sabrina, the spellcasters with also have a familiar such as a fairy, a dragon, cats, and dogs.

The Sims can customize their looks, hairstyles, clothing, and wands. According to the developer, the expansion will introduce two brand-new worlds, namely Glimmerbrook and second place is Magic Realm. In early August, The Sims 4 came with a Moschino Stuff Pack which features a wide array of clothing and a new career of freelance photographer.

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