Sims 5 Full Leaks Details – Latest Rumors and Everything You Need to Know

Sims 5 Full Leaks Details – Latest Rumors and Everything You Need to Know

The Sims game series has received a large number of positive reviews over time. The game has been on the market for a very long time, with Sims 4 is the latest installment in the game series. Sims 4 brings a refreshing look for diehard fans, introducing a host of new features, career paths, and character customization options. The game did have a rocky start, but it looks that Maxis and EA are hard at work coming up with more and more DLC packs that bring a significant amount of content to the game.

Despite all of this, fans cannot stop from speculating about Sims 5. When will it be released? Are there any details available about the game as of yet? What can we expect from EA? All of these are questions on the minds of the fans, and we hope that we would get to answer some of them for you today.

The game’s history

The first Sims game was launched 18 years ago, during 2000. Four years later EA launched The Sims 2 and five years after then, in 2009, they launched Sims 3. Last but not least, in 2014 Sims 4 was launched. By doing an elementary math equation, we can deduce that it takes EA between three and five years to come up with a new installment in this beloved series. This is understandable since the game studio does need some time to think about different content that they could add to the game which would make it seem fresher and more lifelike.

In the past, we have seen then add season, new jobs, new cities, new career paths, new objects and new character customization choices and we even saw them create a DLC which allowed Sims in the Sims 3 to travel into the future. So we are more than excited to see what they could come up with next.

Sims 5 announcement

Unlike other game studios, EA is very strict on keeping secrets and details about their games from leaking out. This could be why we did not hear anything thus far from the company about the latest installment in the Sims series. Rumors say that we can expect the company to announce the game sometime this year or, in a worst-case scenario, next year. We can only speculate so far about this, but one thing, in particular, is making us feel a tad bit concerned.

Sims 4 DLC content

Developers have been continually coming up with more and more DLC packs for Sims 4. Some of them are meant to fic some of the issues that fans have been complaining about (like the fact that in the original game version there were not toddlers) and others focus on new locations, new jobs, unique outdoor activities and different paths that you can take your Sims on.

Having a game where the sky is the limit will inevitably make fans buy content to experience “the whole package.” It seems that EA knows what they are doing since they have seen a spike in the number of sales for their Sims 4 DLC content so why not come up with more packs? Why not milk this cash cow, so to speak, until they can’t anymore? It is possible that the studio will decide to release Sims 5 after they believe they have come up with all the extra content that fans wanted for Sims 4.

Mobile development focus

Another thing that may delay the release date for Sims 5 is the fact that EA has shifted its focus towards “The Sims Mobile.” The name of the game pretty much explains what the game is about. It is the mobile version of the original Sims. The mobile game made 2 million when it was launched, making it a more lucrative project compared to the installments that are released on PC.

And we are not just saying it to speculate about what EA is doing. We also have some evidence to back up our claims. Game designer of “The Sims 4”, Daniel H, has recently been laid off from the company, announcing his departure from a studio with a tweet that he shared on his Twitter page. He said that working with the studio has been an honor for him and that he is happy that he could contribute towards making the game that so many people love today. He ended his tweet by saying that it was very enjoyable to meet and talk with all of the fans of the game.

SimsVIP states that other gurus have been transferred to the mobile team. The evidence can be found on their LinkedIn profiles where most of them share their change in employment with EA.

Since EA has decided to move most of the game designer that worked on the PC version of the Sims towards the mobile platform department, it means that the company’s primary goal is to improve the mobile game. And who better to do that than a team made up of people that worked and perfect the PC version of the game?

Is this going to affect the quality of the content that will be released for the Sims 4 or even the release date of the Sims 5? We are afraid to say that we do not have an answer for that as of yet. However, EA’s silence could be a clue which indicates the fact that the studio is not focused on creating a new game but instead on making constant improvements to the games that they have already released.



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