Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack Update – New Additions and Fixes

Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack Update – New Additions and Fixes

The Sims game series is well-loved among a large number of people of all ages and all walks of life. The sandbox game allows you to control your own Sims. You can shape their lives and their career paths, making you feel like the God of your little universe. Each game in the series (Sims 1, Sims 2 and Sims 3) have come with some expansion packs. Each pack brings more realism to this alternate universe.

The most popular expansion pack is Seasons. Fans of the series fell in love with this pack because it allowed them to experience new weather conditions, holidays and further actions for their Sims to engage in. With Sims 4 getting more and more expansions as time passes, people started to wonder if Electronic Arts would work on releasing Seasons for Sims 4 as well. Well, a recent announcement from the company has just confirmed the rumor. Sims 4 Seasons is going to be released on the 22nd of June this year.

More about this expansion pack

Today we will be giving you all the details about what this new expansion pack brings and what you

Will be able to do with your Sims in the game. Tune in to find out as much as you need about the newest additions.


The name of the pack pretty much states what the game is going to come with. EA will introduce for new seasons – winter, spring, summer, and fall. In winter you can go outside and build snowmen, face the chilling temperatures, build an igloo if you want to or sit inside in the warmth of your Sims’ home and look at the frosty windows and blizzards outside.

If you are feeling more adventurous, then you can take your Sims to an ice skating rink and watch them try to skate and not tumble down on the ice.

During spring you can go out after a rainstorm and start to jump around in rain puddles to have some fun (children and teens will probably have a blast doing that). During summer you can go to a swimming pool and feel refreshed after a swim. During fall you’ll be able to rake in the leaves around your home (if you have a tree on your home lot, of course) and start to play in them or set them on fire if you are more of a rebel.

Be careful not to have other objects near your pile of leaves since they may catch your fire. The fire department is just one call away, but that does not mean that you have to test your fate.

Career Paths

If you thought that you would get to experience a change in weather and that was it, Electronic Arts has managed to surprise you. There will also be some new career paths, and they all have to deal with gardening. The whole gardening system is going to be expanded. You can now become a humble gardener, or you can dream big and use your gardening knowledge so that you can advance in the scientific branch.


If you want to start your New Year right, then you may want to look for a New Years’ Eve kiss at midnight. If your Sims has a significant other, then they can choose to celebrate their love on Love Day. Enjoy a romantic date, a walk in the park or a dinner for two.

If you are feeling festive, then you can prepare a bountiful feast during Harvest Fest. During winter you can tell children tales of Father Winter, who always comes to leave gifts during Winterfest. If you think that these holidays do not suit the needs of your Sims, then you can create your special holidays and celebrate them as you wish. This would allow players to organize events for holidays that are not as well-known as others might be.


Previous Seasons expansion packs always added new clothing for Sims for each season, so we are expecting Electron Arts to do the same thing for Sims 4 as well. We may also see new furniture pop up in the game or even new slip and slides or other fun outdoors stuff that players could let their Sims interact with.

New Deaths

Overall, all of these pieces of information got us as excited as one can be. They will add a shade of realism to the game that we have not yet seen. EA is doing the right thing by combining all of these new activities, careers, festivals, and events to the game. However, it looks like they have also thought of and decided to add some new depth to the game.

If players are not careful, then they can die from being out in a thunderstorm and getting electrocuted. If you want to see more of how this expansion pack is going to look like, then we encourage you to check out the teaser trailer that EA released.



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