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Sims 4 is Free for PC on Origin, till May 28

It is quite rare for a popular video game developer offers the game free for download, but that is exactly what Electronic Arts (EA), is doing right now. EA is allowing you to download Sims 4 for free. If you are still to play this game, here’s an opportunity to try it for free. The normal price is $40 and the window for free download is quite short as well; it’s available only till Tuesday, May 28. The download is available only on Origin, the dedicated site operated by EA. You should know that EA is offering just the basic version of the game and once you start laying and get hooked on to it, the add-ons need to be paid for. The only plus here is that once you download the Sims 4, you can keep it forever.

One of the Most Popular Games Ever

Sims 4 is a role-playing game which is classified as a life simulator. The game allows you to build a home, create characters, select the dresses they wear and so on. It offers the thrill and excitement any creative pastime would provide. While the base game may offer limited scope for making these choices, there is an abundance of DLCs (downloadable contents) that can add to the fun in playing the game. Since it is already five years since the game was first introduced, there are a number of new characters added by EA. You will, therefore, be able to create a large family and even a community when you start playing Sims 4.

Sims 4 PC

There are people who swear that Sims 4 is the greatest video game ever based on certain attractive features in it. One aspect pointed out is how people create their own character and other family members around them. It starts to reflect their inner self; how they perceive characters around them. It may be a fictional world and the characters fictional too; however, the game offers them the opportunity to live in that fantasy world, where they may see their own life reflected.

It Definitely Brings Out the Creative You

The option to create new things in Sims 4 from out of the resources you already have there is one outstanding part of the game. There is every likelihood that once you download the game before Tuesday from Origin and start playing it, your world might change. The only caution everyone is giving out is that as you start playing Sims 4 and get around to liking it a bit, you will be tempted to go for the DLCs and those will cost you. These are sold in packs and you can download them one by one to keep playing the game and getting the best out of it. You must be prepared to spend those dollars. If your interest, for now, is just to move around and play the basic game, then this free download from Origin is for you.

From the developer EA’s point of view, this might just be a bait they are offering those who had not played the game before. They may be hoping that a percentage of those who download free will want to go all the way including downloading the paid packs. Regulars know EA never tires of releasing fresh add-ons to their games and Sim4 is no exception.

The Origin site has full instructions on the system requirements for the download request to be executed. They offer you the basic game for free and you can add some bundles to download along with the game if you are willing to pay for them. The site is offering some savings on such bundles.

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