Sims 4 fifth anniversary update has changed the game with these new additions

Sims 4 fifth anniversary update has changed the game with these new additions

The Sims 4 just completed five years since it was launched, and it has definitely come along way. When it started, it was nowhere close to the virtual fantasy life simulation it has become today where you can even have your giant mansion with multiple pools. Over the years, lots of paid features have been added to the game, but there have been some significant additions to the free base version too, via free updates, stuff packs, and expansions. And in yet another update that came as a fifth-anniversary celebration, lots of cool new updates have arrived for the game again. Here’s a look at some of the prominent new additions.

1. Muslim-inspired Clothing

The fifth-anniversary update upheld Sims’ tradition of bringing in various communities and being an inclusive virtual playground for all by introducing Muslim-centric apparel. The move has been much appreciated and welcomed by players everywhere. Traditional Muslim-wear items like hijabs and kufis have come out in various colors and styles ready to be customized with the outfits.

Sims 4 Muslim cloths

2. Muslim-inspired Architecture

Other than clothing, Sims 4 also included architectural features of Islamic culture in the 5th-anniversary update, including doors and windows with the classic pointed arches.

Sims 4 Muslim Architecture

3. Customizable Stairs

After a long wait, Sims players finally got customizable stairs in the fifth-anniversary update. Now users can twist and turn the stairs however they wish, instead of earlier fixed staircase designs.

Sims 4

4. Feel-Good Summer Goodies & More

Some cool new summer updates came in the game, including items like outdoor dining tables, lounge chairs, grounded lights, etc that add to the fun Malaysian summer vibe of the game. Moreover, the developers also got rid of most of the bugs from the previous versions, and one significant update is the automatic filling of vacant lots with houses, which can also be turned off in settings now.

5. A Magical Expansion Pack

Another major update that rolled out on the fifth anniversary is a paid expansion called The Sims 4: Realm of Magic, which can be purchased now. It goes without saying that we may get to see some of the cool additions that came with the earlier expansion The Sims: Makin’ Magic. The expansion will let users summon dragons in the game, while dressing like witches and wizards, and practice and teach magic spells like sorcerers and Magicians. However, if magic isn’t your thing, there isn’t much in the expansion that you may like.

The fifth-anniversary update of Sims 4 along with the Realm of Magic expansion pack is available on PC/Mac already, and while the update has come out on console, the expansion will come out in October.



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