Sims 4 Fifth Anniversary Update: Get ready for Islamic Clothing, Architecture, and Building your Own Stairs

In a much applauded new move, Sims 4 will be including Islamic clothing and new architecture in its upcoming update. The news was recently revealed in a monthly developer live-stream.  Maxis, Sims’ parent company has been known to keep Sims beyond just a video game, by making it an ever so inclusive online gaming experience. In the past, they have also done so with various updates that welcome and reflect cultural, racial, and sexual diversity in the game by including aspects of various races, cultures and also the LGBTQ community. And finally, they are going to bring in the Muslim culture, after fans have been demanding it for quite some time.

What’s coming in the new update?

According to the developer live stream that revealed the news, Maxis will reportedly be introducing quite a few cultural items that represent the Muslim heritage in the latest update to The Sims 4. These include Muslim clothing items, which could possibly include clothing items like Hijabs, and also architectural elements inspired by Muslim Buildings which users could inculcate in their homes in Sims 4. The new items are reportedly going to be a part of the game’s fifth-anniversary update that will be coming soon.

As of now, some of the items that are likely to be included according to the report include Hijabs for female Sims, which will be customizable and ready to mix-and-match with any other clothing items/outfits that the players wish for. Apart from that, there will also be patterned dresses, traditional Islamic cultural shirts and kurtas, and a lot more in the update pack. And in building elements, some major architectural design elements of Islamic architecture will be seen. Some of these are to be pointed archways, gorgeous ornate doors and patterned windows, which will be ready to install in all buildings in Sims 4.The update will also include special fifth-anniversary limited edition items that will be available in stores for Sims to buy.

What else is new?

Apart from new items in the fifth-anniversary update, there will also be some new gameplay changes. The most talked-about one of them right now is customizable, configurable stairs! Developers revealed that now users will get control of how staircases are built in the game. A lot more will be possible with this – you can decide the number of stairs, the direction, the laps, etc. Given the new changes, you could also build a maze of stairs of your own if you want.

Sims 4 Interior

With the new update bringing in all these exciting new gameplay changes and shoppable items, the hype for the fifth-anniversary update is real. So far, the news of the update has been receiving an enthusiastic response from users, and many are applauding the inclusive move of introducing Islamic culture in the game.

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