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Sims 4, Bioshock Free for PlayStation Plus Subscribers; Announces Sony

PlayStation Plus subscribers are in for a bonanza this February as Sony has announced that Sims 4 and a few other popular games can be played on the console free during the month of February 2020. This huge concession is a promotional offer. Sony could be priming the players before the launch of the next iteration of the console, the PlayStation 5 this year. The message on this free service has been tweeted by the official Twitter handle @PlayStation.

Sims 4 a Popular RPG Genre Game on PS

Sims 4 has multiple characters in families in a community and the players get to choose the character to play the game. The Sims series is celebrating its 20th anniversary and Sony could not have chosen a better occasion to permit the PlayStation Plus subscribers to have the taste of this interesting game free of cost next month.

Bioshock, the first-person shooter game has been released in three versions so far namely Bioshock, Bioshock 2 and Bioshock Infinite. All three are now up for the free offer in February announced by Sony for the PlayStation Plus subscribers. The games will be allowed to be played with any add-on content included later.

Another game included in the free package is Firewall Zero Hero. This is a game to be played exclusively with the PlayStation VR headset and is a shooting game that has four participants shooting away in a virtual reality simulated situation.

Sony is not alone in offering such free games promotions periodically. Other players in the field too, like Nintendo and Microsoft, allow their subscribers on Switch and Xbox One respectively to play a few games for a limited period. Many of these games have multi-player formats and the gaming console makers expect these promotions to help increase their sales. If the games are targeted at school-going children, then the school vocation period is chosen as the best occasion to push the games. Sometimes, the game titles are changed from month to month to popularize a few games which may be slowing down in sales in the market.

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