Sims 4 Adds the First-Ever Transgender Sim

Sims 4 Adds the First-Ever Transgender Sim

In the Pride month, Sims game series is celebrating the uniqueness of individuals irrespective of their sexual orientation. Sims 4’s highly anticipated Island Living DLC will come to life on the 21st of June 2019. Moreover, the developer has already created a transgender Sim for the DLC.

Maxis and Electronic Arts collaborated with GLAAD in 2016. GLAAD is an LGBTQ+ organization that believes in removing conventional gender boundaries that exist everywhere. The collaboration led to EA Games curate an option where the Sims can opt for any hairstyle, physique, walking style, and clothing in the game. However, these features were introduced back in 2016.

Sims 4 introduces a pre-existing trans character

After two years, Island Living DLC comes with a transgender character; namely Lia Hauata. According to online sources, the character lives in the fictional Sims island called “Sulani.” Furthermore, Sulani is a new location that is the core part of the Island Living DLC. Lia Hauata is one of the pre-existing female Sims featuring a masculine body.

The Sims 4 Island Living

Sims has been a popular game because it revolves around representing people; finally, in the fourth instalment, distinctive groups of people are getting represented. Sims is one of the biggest offerings from EA Games and with Island Living DLC, Sims put a real transgender sim in the game.

Sims 4 and Pride month

It looks like the Island Living expansion pack has explicitly been curated to honor the Pride month and Pride community around the world. Sims also released an update which features the pride-inspired clothing along with a gender-neutral restroom and LGBQT+ flags. Electronic Arts also partnered with LGBTQ project called “It Gets Better” before releasing the recent game update.

The developer of Sims 4, Maxis also said that soon they would release the paid game into Sims 4. On the other hand, Maxis confirmed that the forthcoming “Moschino Stuff Pack” is all set for the summer release. Additionally, the magical world is also heading to the world of Sims 4, which is set for an autumn release. The developer calls the autumn magic pack as Sim 4: “Realm of Magic.”

The PS4 and Xbox One S and One X gamers can get their hands-on Sims 4: Island Living expansion pack as of now. As far as the PC and Mac users are concerned, the expansion pack will head to their systems on 21 June 2019. EA and Maxis broke the stereotype ideology and delivered LGBTQ+ sims and items in the game by providing the LGBTQ+ community a sense of belonging and acceptance.



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