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How To Shuffle All Songs In Apple Music

How To Shuffle All Songs In Apple Music 1

Apple Music is among the most popular music streaming services, and the application is available not only for owners of iOS devices but also for those who have Android. If you decided to try out the app for the 3-month free trial period, there are many things for you to discover, so that you can decide will you subscribe or not once the free trial period is over. The service is awesome, and the app works great, but some things are not so easy to find, including shuffle all songs. There is no “shuffle all” option, but still there is a way to shuffle your songs and to mix up things a bit, instead of listening to the songs listed in the alphabetical order. Let’s see how to shuffle all songs in Apple Music.

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How to shuffle all songs in Apple Music


Follow the steps below:

  • Open the Apple Music app on your device
  • Tap on “My music”
  • Choose “Songs” from the Library
  • Tap on the song you want
  • When the song starts to play, tap the “Shuffle” button


The other, much simpler option – use Siri. Of course, “Hey Siri” must be enabled, and if it is, all you need to do is say “Hey Siri, shuffle”, and the intelligent virtual assistant will shuffle anything that you are listening to at the moment in Apple Music.







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  1. There seems to be no option, even on settings, regret deeply.
    Apple Music- Android version for Google Pixel Phone
    Version 2.0.0 (431) This version does not have shuffle for the playlist. Apologies for the rant.

  2. Hello, After the update I think Apple has let the andriod app users at bay.
    There is no option to shuffle the playlist anymore. I am using the app on my pixel phone.
    Banging my head on the wall. Shouldnt have updated the app.

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