Should you Switch to iPhone XS? These Reviews will Help you Decide

Should you Switch to iPhone XS? These Reviews will Help you Decide

Apple has recently unveiled its iPhone XS, and XS Max and well-known tech fans reviewed them.

To give you a little bit of information before we get into them, the cameras were significantly improved, and features such as smart HDR and portrait mode are the favorites of these users. They also talked about the iPhone XS Max measuring 6.5 inches which gives a different perspective on how we see apps, videos, and the iOS.

As you can see, nothing really makes them complain about one of these new phones.

Even though it is eye-opening to read reviews and consult them before getting our hands on a brand new iPhone XS Max or XS, the iPhone XR which costs $750 is not really liked by the spotlight. It will be released in October and has many features like those you can find on iPhone XS. If you want to save $250 or more, you should wait until reviews about this device come in.

Now, as we gathered information and reviews from four big tech insiders, it is time to see what The Verge, CNBC, Mashable and TechCrunch think about this.

According to TechCrunch, iPhone XS’ portrait mode was improved in a major way, but you can still spot some quirks that make halos of light appear where they should not and blur what should not be blurred. However, the Smart HDR was this user’s favorite as the poor lighting was not an obstacle to get a good pic. It gives even the worst photographer the opportunity to take a good photo.

Mashable and CNBC agree with TechCrunch saying that the portrait mode has never been better on previous iPhones and that the pictures taken by iPhone XS look way better. The Verge on the other hands insisted that the camera of the Pixel 2 is better than what iPhone XS got equipped with even though it was improved significantly.

Battery life

The battery life does not change much in the iPhone XS, and XS Max from the iPhone X as Mashable said it lasted the typical day to day-and-a-half. However, TechCrunch thinks that iPhone XS has a really good battery life lasting more than iPhone XS and iPhone X. The Verge agrees with TechCrunch too, and they added that the iPhone XS Max performs longer than those 90 minutes claimed by Apple. CNBC agrees as well with al three reviews, but he also had a point that they have only been using the iPhones for a few days. Maybe the battery life of iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max will change with time.


Regarding the size of the XS Max, the Verge suggest that its entire front is covered by screen does not seem as huge as other Plus phones. Mashable on the other way feels it is heavier and lighter at the same time than iPhone 8 Plus and the wished for a less bulging rear camera and a smaller notch. TechCrunch thinks that the gold color of iPhone XS is brassier, much deeper gold than the one used for Apple Watch Edition and gives the vibe of very expensive gold and not simply pawn shop, but the rest of the design is identical to the iPhone X, says CNBC.


Mashable revied the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max by comparing them with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which is equipped with a Snapdragon 845, Qualcomm’s latest chip. Apple’s newbies offer way better performance as the improved GPU and CPU enhances users with a better general appearance of the iOS 12, the augmented reality and gaming are faster as well. On the other hand, the Verge does not agree A12 makes the new iPhones offer a faster CPU performance. Apple does not quote a performance improvement better than an additional 15%, and they are right as this reviewer saw little speedup from the iPhone XS in comparison to the iPhone X.

Now for the price, neither of these reviewers were bothered by how much an iPhone XS or an iPhone XS Max costs as they are phones with massive storage spaces. They did not advice iPhone X users to upgrade either, but in case you want to, the iPhone XS Max costs $1,100, and the iPhone XS Max is $1,000.



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